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Measuring Infinity

This is an article about measuring the Universe.

I will return and correct the spelling and grammar of this post later.

Very interestingly the renaisance of the study of the psychadelics is occouring in the scientific arena.


This lecture at the Royal Institute beteewn Michael Pallen and a research scientist, discusses a very interesting subject.Supposed to have been buried in the sixties, where the threat of overturning the status quo arose by the spread of myticism,this matter is surfacing once again.
Scientific research into brain chemistry and neurolgy has advanced leaps and bounds since the sixties to the extent that ideas of theology and mysticm are rejected,but a small door still exist where an effort is being made to resolve this issue as to what is real and what is not.Where as thgeg mystic wishes to rest his case with "god" the scientist wishes to keep the arguement bin this world,rather than the next.Research therefore is attracting attention again, in the psychadelic experience.The effect on the mind of psylacybin,LSD and such like hallucinagenics.
One of the main probelms in the field of mysticm and religion,is that experince of the infinaite, of god isd so profound and deep,that no one can get back again to describe or "map" the journey or experience for others in this reality.Hippies and the like will e hugely interested in this research,because their dream mof turning everybody on and changing the world,never really happenned.The plan got aborted. They are a living example of a cult who could not quite make it back aagain to the self same world they originated from.
Before the idea of reliugion can be sold it has to be maoped out form peoplem in this world to see.It can only be sold if people can see what they are buying.This is the sceintist arguement as we know.
They require proof.The map of the mind has tpo be deliverred from this world, not the next.i.e. neurology.The psychedelic experience has not been mapped in terms of neuorolgy,it seems an dyo take the score from the mystics an dput itbinto thois world, this has to be done.Timothy leary was the proponat of this, but many others have shone a light on the subject, most noteanbly in the 60,s/70,s was Dr John Lily with his book "The Centre of the Cyclone".These two were the high priests of the hippy and psychadelic movement of those days.Timothy Leary going on to be the most wanted man in America.This gives an idea of just how mauch of a threat this appeared to the government.They did not want to loose the scientific arguement to "god" or religion.
Psylacybin and LSD have nben used with terminallly ill cancer patients to help them come to terms with death quite successfully,also cannabis, but still not accepted by mainstream science.
But, we all know behind the scenes,although it is not admitted,the governmemts are pushing drugs in a big way.This is because society is in such a mess that they dont know what to do to get rid of it, or buy more time.So once againthe y wre openning the door to research in the psychadelics, whilst at the same time puttiung it in scientific terminologyi.e.Neurology.
Hippies,as others, have always called it a knowledge and a science of "openning doors".thy ea re convinced that the pathway through the subconcious mind should be mapped for everyone, but have not actually been able to do so succefully.Drug users believe in this cult religion as the truth, but it has never been accepted by the mainstream.Nowdrug use is so prevalent that it has to be confronted and no-one ois preapred to outlaw it.To save face they have to say the cult is acceptable.
This brings us back to the Royal Institute dicussion above.

It is true that the drugs do open the doors and deliver abn experince, a teaching , a journey of knowledge of the m ind and the self.It does so by opening these doors over a period of time.A few years.The high preists perpetuate this cult path as a bone fide path trowards self realization.
They see it as reconcilation betwen to concious mind and the subconcious mind.An understanding or a knowledge of the"other"world.
This is what people wont except,the claims that they have conquored the other world so easilly, making a mockery of the great religions and concept of God.But the do hnave a very powerful metaphysical arguement arguement that leads to "Heaven"or"Utopia",albeit short lived.
The neurolgist has to keep the arguement in this world,that nature and the brain are the mechanics behind this.
My view having been there and back on the psychadelics,is that the arguemnt rests its case on inner and outer space concepts.Seperation between the concious and unconcuious mind is a seperation between the two spacial dimensions.A question of dimensions.Physics has moved via the understanding of quantum mechanics to formulale time and 4th dimensional space as realities with their own laws, so why not bthe biological sciences.
It has to be accepted that when we look within ourselves we are moving outiside the 3 Dimensional boundaries and reality.Into infinity and eternity dimensions.
psychadelics open these spaces and doors so conciously the mind can see into the subconcious.Time an space then are seen in a differnt way.They are sen for what they are, ithout the 3 dimensional boudaries and walls.You can see over the nwall so to speak, not only spacially,but with the time dimension also.You can see this is youyrself every much as is the concious reality, and it is a new undesrtanding of reality and yourself.A religious experience.
The scientist wishing to keep this in the naturalistic arena,this world rather than the next, will have to map the neurolgy and chemistry of this mechhnism that moves the physics into different dimensions.

On the subject of differant spacial dimensions,one has to refer to the physicist and realize that in such a shift of space/time reality,physical laws are very differnt indeed.Alos it has to be realized that this is not something out side youyrself,it ius as the sceintist rightly says,it is yourself.
Thi shas huge implications, because in accepting this, we are accepting the possibillty of tralling in a differant space/time..This is saying we can overcome the obstacels imposed by 3 dimensions and also by time.It is aying also that we can do this naturally with our mind,or brain without need for physical transportation or physical technology.It is also implying we can do this chemically.
The implications are that we can travel in space and/or time,physically, by using chemicals.
Chemical Intergalactic Travel,without space craft?.
What the psychadelics are showing us is our cosmic nature.This is natural and electro chemical and we have these naturally.Psychadelics are merely showing us this by openning doors.It is dangerous to move through doors into other dimensions,because sometimes we will not have the doors for the other direction.They are not the same doors.Artificial and drug chemical doors are dangerous.By natural evolution and experience we can tarvel from star to star physically.This is what religion was about before it got corrupted.
The scientist,neurologist,has to map natures path we are wired up to between this dimension and the next.As said,we shouldnt travel that path until we are ready.It is not OK for humans to live outside a physical dimension.If we discover scientific laws,we are stuck with them.


Copy of Post from hamishdefence.livjournal.com journal
Addition To The Article Beneath.

The future is uncertain.It would not be wise to make any bets.What is certain though is that The digital age is on top in no uncertain way and we would perish without it.We could not survive.Never mind what is right or wrong, look at the facts,(information?).The programs were written long ago,law,which was upgraded to forensics i.e.psychiatric and legal sciences.
However the corrupt government and services in their normal courupt way not expecting science would eventually arrive on its doorstep,as it now has.
The machine is not resting on fraudulent forensics,it is resting on correct forensics.
The machine adds up for all or no-one.It is unstoppable.Forensics are a science, the service sector has been on the fiddle.They are irreversably corrupted.They are now desperately trying to de-activate the machine,but it is unstoppable.It has hit them on their own forensics.I have not met one single psychiatrist,legal worker or psycologist/social worker or police who understands the forensics.Believe me they are lying to you, doctors,all of them.
They have all been on the fiddle.They are now tooled up,with guns all sorts.They are trying to escape,hang on to power,take ownership of the computerized system,(the forensics thereof!).Even the money is on top,it has the same machine politics.They are desperatley trying to fiddle that one.
If the forensics are written into the machine as they seem to be,then no one can escape it.A form of imprisonment.It is a psychiatric tool,you have to be either sighted or blindsighted to use it.It is encoded into the machine.It may cull us,it may select us.
Therefore the politics of my defence case below are supported as posibly pointing towards it hitting back.It may be thought that a machine cannot have eyes,it cannot see.But it can.Its operators do not see.It can see itself.It is becoming obvious that the computer is using a machine self selection process.Although the word has been put out that an AI take over is a horrific idea,logically,it seems certain to score the title "god".The big equalizer.The best the machine could do is "self select" an Eye cult leader,a machine messiah,(messiah,fuhrer,judge?),on the first amongst equals principal for each generation.

The Key To Truth and Religion.

God religion the truth etc can either be astonishingly complex or astonishingly simple.This is in line with the bibles account of falling from grace.
The truth is straight ahead if you have eyes to see.But we do not see,as said,we are blind.Those that endeavour to see the truth or study, will only see what their eyes are cap[able of unlocking when they look ahead.This this governed by the experience stored inside ourselves,(genetic).It is said by many that by gazing on the creation we see evidence and maybe proof of the Creator.For some this is enough.Here we are seeing eyes unlocking knowledge within themselves,to a varying dgree to explain what they see.Those who have the key will see the truth.This is in line with genesis.By experince and learning in nature we one by one remove the smoke and illusion that hides reality,at every lesson learned.Eventually we will see
again,naturally.Religions gift is to see and therefore buy your self back from the fraudulent owners.There two paths mentioned in the bible,light and dark,one path that claims it can see the other path claiming it cannot,the occult.

The natural path mapped and signposted by the earth,sun and moon is mostly lost and other ways of seeing and learning are needed now.This is through many lifetimes.I would rather say that lives are reincarnated by nature rather than death,until we gain the Key of Life,a subtle difference.

Cain. The Story has never been Told

This is a Tabboo of the Bible.By definition it cannot be understood,because the knowledge is still to be learned.Cain represents the left path and Abel the right path.We would have a good idea that this is the case,but killing in this way is taboo.Is the knowldge of good and evil is this?
God said to Cain that sin lies at the door.Having slain Abel and moved from Cainan to Nod,he marries and then the city of Enoch is built,signifying a different path The inner life of a city.From the open face of God to the hidden face of god.It is still god, so their are two truths,not just one.The meaning being that the path of good and evil are represented by life and death, light and dark, right and left.This would be the clear cut meaning in Genesis.It seems that this is meant to be.Physical mortality.Not a mistake.
The meaning is very much in the eye of the beholder to put their own interpretation onto what is good and what is evil.Clearly the concience is the arbitrator and decider.So it is with the source of good and evil, original sin.Concience decides what is good and what is evil.This chapter is insinuating that Cain is not correct,not only to kill,but to sin.Original sin is the source meaning.So he goes the other path.Mortality is tacitly supported,but it does not admit it.It therefore redirects onto the concience of Cain to resolve this.Originla sin is redirected onto the concience of Adam and Eve to resolve.It tacitly approves, therefore of sin and death thereof.It dictates both paths,that of good and of evil.But it does not define what the knowledges of good or evil are.It is not outlawing evil or making it taboo,as we are conditioned to believe.It supports both paths equally.But it does not define what is good or what is evil,this is left to us to find out.It leaves it to our concience to decide,no one else.Our mind belongs to us and our concience.We can remain blind and not accept this if we wish.The reason mortality exists is that we need to return into time to learn these truths.(through reincarnations).
There is a great verse in the Bahgavad Gita which says nature compels,so you have to take the path willingly or unwillingly.
It is the same here.It is not only Cain that nature compels to kill Abel,it also compels Abel to kill Cain.But the solution is not arrived at physically.It is solved at a higher level.This is the same for original sin.Nature also compels this.The solution to the problem of resulting death and rebirth is arrived at at a higher level.This needs the knowledge,through experience.

What Is the Bible ?

The bible may be many things.It may be a history book,it may be a religion,it may be a psychology book,it may be the real living word of god.
But the also it is a piece of paper.It is a knowledge as with Adam and Eve.It is also a knowledge with its Jesus Christ,Devil,Satan,Antichrist and god or gods,
A knowledge.A peice of paper.

Are You Stiched Up on The Other Side ?

Whether you be a man or woman,are you stiched up on the other side struggling to get free of the catch 22 it delivers ? Original nature is well described in Genesis.It comes on top for everybody and the blindness has afflicted mankind since the beginning.Humanity is fumbling about in the dark and has never known what it is doing.It hasnt got a clue,never has.This is the human condition.It is a wonder we can even feed ourselves.It is a case of the blind leading the blind.
If you ever get back to dry land use your sight wisely.Dont make the same mistake.But you surely will.We are prisoners of nature.Allbeit,our own nature.

Critisms of Christianity

Critisism of the new testament is not hard up for ammunition.This Christian religion formulated by the Romans approximately 300 years after the death of Jesus,is known to have used only 4 gospels out of the possible many that existed and some of the 4 authors were not even witness to the Christ.There additionally have been found other writings and texts that add a great deal of information that is omitted from the new testament.The Gnostic scriptures being one source of information that suggest Mary Magdalene was indeed the lover vof Jesus.That she was the prime diciple, had the biggest ministry and church after his death.Also the gospels of Thomas,Magdalene and many others have been ommitted.It is known then that the Romans cherry picked the content of the gospels.A great deal of information was ommitted about jesus.In view of the fact that most of his life is documented as "missing years", how can it be considerred exceptable to give an account of his life as a teaching ? The Dead Sea Scrolls are dynamite and remain under armed guard in Israel.The contents are deemed above top secret.It is now known that other reliable texts have surfaced that give a detailed account of alien and ET activity and also interaction for many thousands of years.The Essenes gospel,a totally differant teaching with a Jesus, with no resemblance to the one we know.The Vatican who consider themselves the guardiuan of this Christian knowledge are now known to be heavilly involved with alien technology and ET interactions stretiching back to their beginning.Libraries and artifacts and technology from ET that can deliverv world shaking power to their owners,is known to be in Vatican possession.The full truth has never been revealed as to what religion is about, and part of this is because, as in Hitlers day, knowledge and possession of this ET knowledge and technology guarantees world power and domination to its owners.The whole second world war was about the collecting of this technology. Wars today and in the past are likewise have been for the same reason.This has never been known.It is very likely that power in days of old may have ben established by conquest of other empires or civilization through beliefs and religions.This could explain the mechanics behind a falsification of a "Christianity",conceived to achieve this end, a of gigantic metaphysical fairytale of genius proportions.

But in spite of this massive attack on Christianity and the New Testament,the gospels are so powerful that they can survive to deliver an absolutely astounding metaphysical and spiritual story that is beyond the genius of what has prevously been encountered or known.Additionally,this has continued for 2000 years.It is a book that cannot be written.It is unexplainable,to every other religious or metaphysical master.How it gets awy with it,god only knows.It may be simply a fairy tale.No one knows

Non Physical Aspects of Creation.

For creation and spirituality we are trying to reconcile the invisible and the visible worlds.
Look at it this way,as does a mathematician.Physical reality is a 3 dimensional reality.
So what is a 4th and 5th dimension? Is that a reality?
Yes it is.It is just as real.
How many different spacial dimensions are there? The answer is, very many,as many as you want.
So instead of asking the question of the creation of the universe at the beginning of Time, change the game to who created the nature of reality and what is the nature of reality?
Looking at the universe as if it is everything is ridiculous. If you put that 3 dimensional physical "thing" into its proper context , it is sitting in 4 dimensional space,which is sitting in a 5 dimensional space ,6,, etc.What are we talking about when we talk about the origin of life and the universe.? Time only comes into being in a physical reality, it is sourced from spacial dimensions.
So the question is nonsensical.A non-question.Who created 3 D reality?Is that what we are saying?There are hundreds of differant dimensions(spacial) with different laws which supercede the laws of its lower dimension.

Look at a straight line on a piece of paper,2 dimensions in our 3 dimensions? Is this 2nd dimension included and under our 3 D laws and domain ? Yes it is.So it is as we go on up into higher dimensions from our 3 D world.We are under the domain of a higher dimension as well.
High dimensions use energy to create other dimensional realities such as matter which is a 3 dimensional reality.They can create a physical dimension and our scientists (physicsts) are trying to discover the mecahnics of the process.It is the same for creation of life and biology,the mechanics of the organic chemicals.
They have not yet identified the mechanics or the inteligence behind the creation of life.Nor the inteligence behind the creation of the physical universe,(if any) as yet.

Humans Are Non-Reproductive

The history of the species is written into Genesis,as well as other writings.Also religious knowledge and nature knowledge.There is a great deal of information within it.
The first generation in that history dealing with the children from Adam and Eve and the meaning of the tree of life.Firstly,Eve has stated that Cain is not her,s.He has come from god.We know the meaning in genesis of "god" is correctly translated from the Hebrew as the "gods".Plural.
We know the meaning in the Bible of religion and god.It is meaning ET.s
It is clear that nature at some point became altered whereby we lost our species and moved into another program.We are not humans.We have a "controller" and put the label "God"onto it.
We are no longer in control of our genetics and evolution and our children are not ours they are theirs.We are not reproducing.We are farming for someone else.The idea given to us is to move over to the concept of "God the father"which is strongly empahasised as the truth in Chistianity as a fundamental principal.You cannot be a Christian otherwise.Therefore our whole civilization is accepting that we are farmers from ET and we are not reproductive beings.Yet at the same time we marry and carry on in a contradictory way,as if they are our origin and mour destination.They are not.(although they probably should be).
in our families and talk about religions, but at the same time havent got a clue what we are talking
about,whether it be god,humankind or society.Our parents or leaders are not our controllers or leaders at all, ET,s are.But they can hardly admit it and stop trying to control and rip us off.