The Holy Grail.

This The Truth for every one.The Fullfilment of the Kingdom of God.
For a start,in terms of truth there is no God,only gods, of which we are evolving towards being ourselves.
This is defined as evolution through experience of knowledsge in our nature.Th eHoly Grail would have to deliver a Way by our nature and therefroe in many ways it is already written down in the Bible, Genesis.
The Holy Grail cannot exist outside Time.It has to be evolution.
The modern day Holy Grail through science still has to deliver in time and by evolution, so it may not be the pill for everybody.It may not make much difference to our overall evolution in the long term.

The Lie,,,,& Father of The Lie,,,,

Shaekespear outlines the Lie in Romeo and Juliet.Romeo and Juliet being the Adam and Eve, an d Tybolt being the evil adulterer.The Bhagavad Gita oulines the Lie on a national level where the good kingdom of families and wives is threatenned bny the Evil Dhristrarasta. Krisna himself faces the Evil King Kamsa on the same issue of the Lie.
Adam and Eve ate of the tree of Knowledge to know Good and Evil,but it is not the Evil that is represented as the Lie,although many take it to be so.Th eEvil targets itself in this example as does the Good.The lie is a satanistic force targetting others hwereby on the same principal as of this nature it targets others.
When Jesus refers to the father of the Lie and to Satan or the Devil he may be talking about Evil, but not Evil in nature as a force,but in misuse of evil.Threfore he is referring to a Time when the misuse of Evil was introduced as a force to kill and destroy.Also it is suggesting this introduction infected the Human Race.i.e The circle was broken.It is an Eternityn issue,an attempt to recover a lost garden.Because the target of this new Evil is incorrect it cannot deliver its goal.Good and Evil are nature that have to be lived with, therefore The Lie has to be rejected and our Time prison continued forward.The Lie cannot be defeated except by defeating our own self.

In a natural ecosystem the Lie cannot survive,it will die or be killed as in Darwiunism,s survival of the fitest.But it can survive in an unnatural ecosystem such as Civilization.Thereofore we would have become suceptable to the Lie after being intgerferred with by ET or "the gods".I am not sure what or who "father of the lie" is referring to.Is it referring to this?

Genesis Options

This is a profoudly interesting book introducing us to the politics of civilization though our gods.
There is no way back to Adam and Eve and the Garden after this intial interferance.We loose the Eternal Time and become prisoners of Time, forever.The way from then on becomes as Cain and Abel.This is where the Bible starts as far as we are concerned.It ceases to be Holy almost straight away and becomes more or less a history book.It is at the same time a psychology book.It can see the journey through time.Through incarnations in time that follow this first generation.It is looking for the way back in Time, but by going forward in Time.Therefore it is a manipulation of Time.It is not predicting the future to be a return to the garden or its Adam and Eve nature,although others do.The magic of Time is to have the abiliity to alter the nature(of reality).The fuiture is a different Space.If you consider the nSerpents comments in the Garden he said that they should not surely die, but tha the gods were jealous.Therefore it is suggesting there is another outcome to this beginning.That tehy should live wild after this garden event,as themselves.The gods are dicatating they hold out their hand to the Tree of Life.i.e.their guidance.

White Lies In Religion

Religions are full of white lies.Budhism has been critized for making false statements and incorrect beliefs because of this.It does encourage such beliefs and definately does encourage types of white lies that will lead people in the direction that they wish to encourage.
But it is not a justification to discredit religions that their belief systems consist of information that is not entirely correct.The "Truth" is not attainable by the human species, it is out of reach,therefore correct information is not possible either.So it is wiser to add a few fairy tales to the agenda.

Has Christianity Distorted Religion.

It has.
Some of this is due to misrep[resentation and mis translations of earlier texts and teaching.i.e.Gods in the plural radically alters the meaning of the Old Testament.
The teachings of heaven hell and purgatory for instance, although these states exist is not the meaning of religion and God(s).But it is the sum total of many Christians understanding.Heaven is not our goal.Evolution goes further than this.Christuians have little or no understanding of the Old Testament in my experience.IUt seems they heve disconnected these two books.I am not convinced that the New Testament is a legitimate addition to the Old Testament writings.It clearly says in genesis that the evolution though nature is by experience of the knowledge.There are few things in this book of Genesis that are not mentioned.I see this as very significant.Firstly is makes no mention of Love.It only mentions knowledge(of good and evil).It talks of the gods not God.(Mistranslations from the Hebrew texts).
It doesnt mention heaven or hell.It in one verse mentions that Eve,s desire is towards adam and adams towards god(s).yet in another verse it claims that Adam cleaves to his wife in marriage.These are contradictory verses,One of them has been asdded at a later date.
It is in the very same cahpeter that God declares this adam and eve experimentya disaster,and floods the earth,so as to destroy it.This makes sense if you look at the human condition today and through its bloody history of wars and killing.The human male female nature is stilll written off in the same way.
I think Chistianity was a political movement to hijack the scriptures .An attempt to conquor the prevailing Empires of the day.That religions are targetted to do this by clever manipulations.

Religion ideally is about shifting from the 4th into the 5th spacial dimension.Evolving our knowledge through experience of nature and natures dimenmsions.Heaven is a biproduct perhaps,as is hell.

Inner SpaceTime Machine

To sum up the meaning of inner spacetime that the digital shift has bought us to changes the world view into a spiritual one.It defines us as an inner space nature as said in genesis,both male and female.It can only open these doors to self realization.It is obviously going to use the technolgy as a tool to this end.When and if it can open our doors as it can only do,the technology will have served its purpose and will be no longer neccessary,so it is not an end in itself.We are.
For all the information overload we now have to process,who will see the wood for the trees.?The internet can be defined not as information but as inner space.We also are inner space.We are not information.The only saving grace for the new information technology is is that,like a needle in a haystack within the information overload lies the information that defines inner space(/time).
The spaces within out PC,s are infinite.

TVs.? Electricity As A Religion?

It is now obvious that we have been shifted into another dimension without realizing it.Religion has to be updated into a new format.
Therefore this is relavamt to this journal re metaphysics.
Within the atom science has known for a long time that the laws of physics change into what we call quantum physics or quantum mechanics.Time and space behave differently.The exhibit different laws of physics( nature).
Look at your conditioning in the everyday world for the last 60 years.Televisioon and radio were the first electrical devices.They over came our normal world reality straight away without a problem.
If you ask what is electricity you will know that is is a series of electrons in action of one sort or another.That is quantum particles that originate within atoms demontrating laws of nature that are not from our 3 dimensional world.These particles are from the quantum world, another dimesion.Follow through with this understanding and it becomes obvious that we have now been overcome by these different laws of nature.There is now no possibillity of returning into our own dimension, we have moved into the next dimension of SpaceTime nature.
Basically these quantum energies,waves,emf radiations,radio waves electric silicon chip circuits,wifi,infrared, Bluetooth,microwave,light,are capable of ruling our civilization,world and planet.They are coming from another dimension that previously we didnt understand.We termed these miracle energies and powers as religious ideas.These extra dimensions do not cease to exhist just because we do not know about them.They become the workings of the unknown.Religions.Light itself is not of this world it is a quantum particle or energy not of our dimension, yet it is the fundemental force and phenomena for all in our world an the universe.We can easily see that we are blinded by the light.
These are inner space/time dimensions.
So very soon religions will be a thing of the past.The unknown will become a science.We are in the disturbing transition period at the moment.

God Addiction

God is nature.Discovering God is like an addictive drug.There is no difference.There is no cure.It is fatal.As drugs are also.You can find God in a bottle,in Love,in cannabis,cocain, heroin,there is no differance.In many ways good or evil.All are fatal and all have no cure.
Perhaps the best God to discover is the no God at all.
It can be likenned to UFO and ET,aliens our enviroment they do not exist.It would be more correct to saythat there is no such thing, in practise,but not in theory.
this is the problem with society and the educated in general, what 8is correct on paperf does not worfk in practice.This is why our system has fallen.Civlizations will allways fall because of this.

Whistleblowing the Kingdom Within

Once the subconcious realms are learned by the concious they are written into the code."The Kingdonm is Within",, this means inner space.
In the modern day our technology is very far into inner space, even the TV is showing the inner workings of an atom i.e electrons, electro- magnetics etc.therefore when you see a film on TV your mind is not seeing the people on the screen.What is really going on here is in the subconcious mind, which is unknowingly having to process this advanced information.This is the same with music on the radio or any of our gadgets.To put it in a nutshell you are processing inner space knowledge of self.Openning doors within.The full strength and meaning of technology is as a tool to open inner doors.To learn these inner knowledges conciously,so as to include them in our code.
Therefore science is openning and teaching us the doors and pathways though the subconcious,or unknown.It is unifying our outer space with our inner space and time.Self knowledge.
The modern day technogy is now of age and is nothing less than hole in the universe.From our dimension into the next.This is what is going on when you use this technology.A dimensional shift.It doesnt require drugs and music to move through inmner space necessarily.Any science will take you through inner space.Even the science of constructing you PC or mobile is straight there.

The Christ Madonna Mind

This is the mind of a fatal attraction.
It is the mind of Original Sin.
It is the mind outside time.It is the original nature.
We can live outiside time,if we have the knowledge.
But we do not.