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Cain. The Story has never been Told

This is a Tabboo of the Bible.By definition it cannot be understood,because the knowledge is still to be learned.Cain represents the left path and Abel the right path.We would have a good idea that this is the case,but killing in this way is taboo.Is the knowldge of good and evil is this?
God said to Cain that sin lies at the door.Having slain Abel and moved from Cainan to Nod,he marries and then the city of Enoch is built,signifying a different path The inner life of a city.From the open face of God to the hidden face of god.It is still god, so their are two truths,not just one.The meaning being that the path of good and evil are represented by life and death, light and dark, right and left.This would be the clear cut meaning in Genesis.It seems that this is meant to be.Physical mortality.Not a mistake.
The meaning is very much in the eye of the beholder to put their own interpretation onto what is good and what is evil.Clearly the concience is the arbitrator and decider.So it is with the source of good and evil, original sin.Concience decides what is good and what is evil.This chapter is insinuating that Cain is not correct,not only to kill,but to sin.Original sin is the source meaning.So he goes the other path.Mortality is tacitly supported,but it does not admit it.It therefore redirects onto the concience of Cain to resolve this.Originla sin is redirected onto the concience of Adam and Eve to resolve.It tacitly approves, therefore of sin and death thereof.It dictates both paths,that of good and of evil.But it does not define what the knowledges of good or evil are.It is not outlawing evil or making it taboo,as we are conditioned to believe.It supports both paths equally.But it does not define what is good or what is evil,this is left to us to find out.It leaves it to our concience to decide,no one else.Our mind belongs to us and our concience.We can remain blind and not accept this if we wish.The reason mortality exists is that we need to return into time to learn these truths.(through reincarnations).
There is a great verse in the Bahgavad Gita which says nature compels,so you have to take the path willingly or unwillingly.
It is the same here.It is not only Cain that nature compels to kill Abel,it also compels Abel to kill Cain.But the solution is not arrived at physically.It is solved at a higher level.This is the same for original sin.Nature also compels this.The solution to the problem of resulting death and rebirth is arrived at at a higher level.This needs the knowledge,through experience.

What Is the Bible ?

The bible may be many things.It may be a history book,it may be a religion,it may be a psychology book,it may be the real living word of god.
But the also it is a piece of paper.It is a knowledge as with Adam and Eve.It is also a knowledge with its Jesus Christ,Devil,Satan,Antichrist and god or gods,
A knowledge.A peice of paper.

Are You Stiched Up on The Other Side ?

Whether you be a man or woman,are you stiched up on the other side struggling to get free of the catch 22 it delivers ? Original nature is well described in Genesis.It comes on top for everybody and the blindness has afflicted mankind since the beginning.Humanity is fumbling about in the dark and has never known what it is doing.It hasnt got a clue,never has.This is the human condition.It is a wonder we can even feed ourselves.It is a case of the blind leading the blind.
If you ever get back to dry land use your sight wisely.Dont make the same mistake.But you surely will.We are prisoners of nature.Allbeit,our own nature.

Critisms of Christianity

Critisism of the new testament is not hard up for ammunition.This Christian religion formulated by the Romans approximately 300 years after the death of Jesus,is known to have used only 4 gospels out of the possible many that existed and some of the 4 authors were not even witness to the Christ.There additionally have been found other writings and texts that add a great deal of information that is omitted from the new testament.The Gnostic scriptures being one source of information that suggest Mary Magdalene was indeed the lover vof Jesus.That she was the prime diciple, had the biggest ministry and church after his death.Also the gospels of Thomas,Magdalene and many others have been ommitted.It is known then that the Romans cherry picked the content of the gospels.A great deal of information was ommitted about jesus.In view of the fact that most of his life is documented as "missing years", how can it be considerred exceptable to give an account of his life as a teaching ? The Dead Sea Scrolls are dynamite and remain under armed guard in Israel.The contents are deemed above top secret.It is now known that other reliable texts have surfaced that give a detailed account of alien and ET activity and also interaction for many thousands of years.The Essenes gospel,a totally differant teaching with a Jesus, with no resemblance to the one we know.The Vatican who consider themselves the guardiuan of this Christian knowledge are now known to be heavilly involved with alien technology and ET interactions stretiching back to their beginning.Libraries and artifacts and technology from ET that can deliverv world shaking power to their owners,is known to be in Vatican possession.The full truth has never been revealed as to what religion is about, and part of this is because, as in Hitlers day, knowledge and possession of this ET knowledge and technology guarantees world power and domination to its owners.The whole second world war was about the collecting of this technology. Wars today and in the past are likewise have been for the same reason.This has never been known.It is very likely that power in days of old may have ben established by conquest of other empires or civilization through beliefs and religions.This could explain the mechanics behind a falsification of a "Christianity",conceived to achieve this end, a of gigantic metaphysical fairytale of genius proportions.

But in spite of this massive attack on Christianity and the New Testament,the gospels are so powerful that they can survive to deliver an absolutely astounding metaphysical and spiritual story that is beyond the genius of what has prevously been encountered or known.Additionally,this has continued for 2000 years.It is a book that cannot be written.It is unexplainable,to every other religious or metaphysical master.How it gets awy with it,god only knows.It may be simply a fairy tale.No one knows

Non Physical Aspects of Creation.

For creation and spirituality we are trying to reconcile the invisible and the visible worlds.
Look at it this way,as does a mathematician.Physical reality is a 3 dimensional reality.
So what is a 4th and 5th dimension? Is that a reality?
Yes it is.It is just as real.
How many different spacial dimensions are there? The answer is, very many,as many as you want.
So instead of asking the question of the creation of the universe at the beginning of Time, change the game to who created the nature of reality and what is the nature of reality?
Looking at the universe as if it is everything is ridiculous. If you put that 3 dimensional physical "thing" into its proper context , it is sitting in 4 dimensional space,which is sitting in a 5 dimensional space ,6,, etc.What are we talking about when we talk about the origin of life and the universe.? Time only comes into being in a physical reality, it is sourced from spacial dimensions.
So the question is nonsensical.A non-question.Who created 3 D reality?Is that what we are saying?There are hundreds of differant dimensions(spacial) with different laws which supercede the laws of its lower dimension.

Look at a straight line on a piece of paper,2 dimensions in our 3 dimensions? Is this 2nd dimension included and under our 3 D laws and domain ? Yes it is.So it is as we go on up into higher dimensions from our 3 D world.We are under the domain of a higher dimension as well.
High dimensions use energy to create other dimensional realities such as matter which is a 3 dimensional reality.They can create a physical dimension and our scientists (physicsts) are trying to discover the mecahnics of the process.It is the same for creation of life and biology,the mechanics of the organic chemicals.
They have not yet identified the mechanics or the inteligence behind the creation of life.Nor the inteligence behind the creation of the physical universe,(if any) as yet.

Humans Are Non-Reproductive

The history of the species is written into Genesis,as well as other writings.Also religious knowledge and nature knowledge.There is a great deal of information within it.
The first generation in that history dealing with the children from Adam and Eve and the meaning of the tree of life.Firstly,Eve has stated that Cain is not her,s.He has come from god.We know the meaning in genesis of "god" is correctly translated from the Hebrew as the "gods".Plural.
We know the meaning in the Bible of religion and god.It is meaning ET.s
It is clear that nature at some point became altered whereby we lost our species and moved into another program.We are not humans.We have a "controller" and put the label "God"onto it.
We are no longer in control of our genetics and evolution and our children are not ours they are theirs.We are not reproducing.We are farming for someone else.The idea given to us is to move over to the concept of "God the father"which is strongly empahasised as the truth in Chistianity as a fundamental principal.You cannot be a Christian otherwise.Therefore our whole civilization is accepting that we are farmers from ET and we are not reproductive beings.Yet at the same time we marry and carry on in a contradictory way,as if they are our origin and mour destination.They are not.(although they probably should be).
in our families and talk about religions, but at the same time havent got a clue what we are talking
about,whether it be god,humankind or society.Our parents or leaders are not our controllers or leaders at all, ET,s are.But they can hardly admit it and stop trying to control and rip us off.

The Missing Years-Half a Religion?

It is not right to place so much credibillity on Christianity when so much is left unexplained by the Gospels.Most of his middle and later years are missing.There is nothing knowmn,so nothing can be infered during this time.The expounding of his religion can only consist of what is seen,many have filled in the gaps with guesswork.For instance it cannot be said that he did or did not not have girlfriends or lovers during his growng up and teenage years.Or later.Nthing can be said about him or his behaviour or activities during his teenage years and later.He was off the map.It looks too good to be true that in a short time,when returning to his home,he fullfilled all the teachings so accurately and perfectly without any explantion as to his past.It is making the assumption that he was one of the locals without need of explanations.He perfectly recited the old Roman beliefs of their prevcious Sun God (with a similar name to "jesus"),that existed many years before.It all seems to perfect and accurate and precise.Also no evdence exists, nor any surviving information that can back up the story.The only real strength is the incredibly powerful belief in this story.It has to be noted that "belief" is all that is needed.It would not be important at all if it was untrue in terms of information.It would make no differance.They knew this in ancient times and it therefore puts forward a powerful arguemant that he did not really exist,that it was made up.There are many pointers to suggest this,a fairy story,a very clever falsification from ancient metaphysical knowledge,possibly by the Romans themselves.Criminally minded religious genius,s have always existed,futhermore they are very much the name of the game in this business.This is how empires and civilizations are built and conquor.By "belief",not by "information".
It is convincing also that no evidence would be left if it a divine intervention.It is a powerful arguement that he did exist with some of the text altered,or left out.

We are not 3-Dimensional Beings.

Science seems to say we are governed by the physical reality.By three dimensions.It is not agreeing that we are higher dimensional because we have not an excact proof.But we conceive our lives from the very beginning from within ourselves and most of our thought and sight is from within.We are also taught that the truth is within at times when we loose our way.We certainly come across and have to process,the concepts of eternity, heavens and hells during our life and also concepts of infinity.So if we recognize that as beings, much of our life is coming from within,what are we calling this space or dimension? I would say it is inner space.We cannot deny that we are operating in another space other than the 3 dimensional.Inner space is real and it is another dimension,it is the 4th spacial dimension, Infinity.We also deal with time in more than one dimension i.e eternity, so we are born into of at least 6 dimensions,we cannot say any less than this.These are natural spacial dimensions.Although physical reality governs much,no less so does the infinite and eternal.
If we are arguing scientifically and trying to establish scientific truths,our starting point,biologically,is at 6 diemsions,not 3.Non physical dimensions as well are obvious,but have been denied much of the time, because there is no physical proof.There is logical proof though.

Knowledge And Experience.

You see what you are and you are what you see.
Knowledge can be gained though study and teaching but it can also be gained through experience.By experiencing life you see for yourself and this knowledge is yours forever.But by study the knowledge gained is not seen,but it is known.To activate this knowledge it has to be seen or experienced in life.

Information is not worth much.It has to be processed into your time/space,then it will help you with knowledge.

Christianity versus Adam and Eve.

None is good except God.Jesus comment on good and evil.Christianity and much of the religion avoids the knowledge of evil.It just puts it under the heading of the "Devil" and goes on to expound the good and knowledge connected with it.There are alterations in the bible to this end as well.Evil is the way to hell,good is the way to heaven.Chritianity is a religion in its own right,it has hijacked the rest of the bible.It has distorted it in a clever way and quite intentially.It has altered it to say "God" is good.That good is the truth.It is known that good and evil are two sides of the same coin and that coin could be expressed in either way.Good is evil and evil is good.It is right to say none is good except"God".But it would be right to say none is evil except "God" too.In India for instance they have a god of destruction as well as a god of creation.They call the forces of good and evil,light and dark.They didnt distort the religion to exclude female either.Their god is Rhada Krisna..