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Knowledge And Experience.

You see what you are and you are what you see.
Knowledge can be gained though study and teaching but it can also be gained through experience.By experiencing life you see for yourself and this knowledge is yours forever.But by study the knowledge gained is not seen,but it is known.To activate this knowledge it has to be seen or experienced in life.

Information is not worth much.It has to be processed into your time/space,then it will help you with knowledge.

Christianity versus Adam and Eve.

None is good except God.Jesus comment on good and evil.Christianity and much of the religion avoids the knowledge of evil.It just puts it under the heading of the "Devil" and goes on to expound the good and knowledge connected with it.There are alterations in the bible to this end as well.Evil is the way to hell,good is the way to heaven.Chritianity is a religion in its own right,it has hijacked the rest of the bible.It has distorted it in a clever way and quite intentially.It has altered it to say "God" is good.That good is the truth.It is known that good and evil are two sides of the same coin and that coin could be expressed in either way.Good is evil and evil is good.It is right to say none is good except"God".But it would be right to say none is evil except "God" too.In India for instance they have a god of destruction as well as a god of creation.They call the forces of good and evil,light and dark.They didnt distort the religion to exclude female either.Their god is Rhada Krisna..

Work Ethics.

In genesis it describes the out come of leaving the garden.Hard work and labour.With Cain and Abel it says the work,in this case,producing food.Written into the pages it is saying that we have to provide our own needs.But it also states that if work was neglected "death and sin lie at the door".If the meaning of work is looked into, it seems Abel, for instance,cared for the sheep.It is known that these shepherds in ancient time would live on the mountains and hills etc,fending off attacks by wolves etc on the sheep.It was a full commitment.Tilling the ground may have also been a full time comitment.If this is what work was about and the meaning,it can affect our modern day views on worklife.Is this the way it should be? Is this what we should do.? The Hindu bible also says similarly.
Summing up it says that work is neccessary and corect for two reasons,spiritual and material.It would be death otherwise by two factors.
The type of work is relevant as well.

The End Of The World

This is a common and classic condition or psychology to man.It is a recorded experience throughout history.Those who have experienced this psychology or mental condition will understand.It is immediately connected to the revelations discription in the bible and often taken literally,as a physical destruction of everything in nature and the world,a subjective experience to that indevidual.It can be compared to mental or nervous breakdown or a schizophrenia.It is often described in religions.The revelations account includes within the total picture,the breakdown of this world and the introduction of a new higher world.This is the full story.
The truth of this matter is actually a total nervous breakdown,it does result in erasing of the persons experiences of the world that he has collected from birth,leaving behind a subconcious experience of that which lies beyond.Another world.There is absolutely no evidence left of the former world experience.
Our world doesnt exist,outside ourself as we think, but is a collection of experiences that we build into a picture or construct within our mind.We believe it is a physical concrete construct and it is these beliefs and constructs that are broken down,destroyed.This experience is real,assuming the person concerned is real.It is their self,and the self that is metamorphosed into by this experience is also real, but of a higher reality or world.Another world.There are many worlds,not just the one we know.
In the new age with current disclsures regarding the many civilizations that are visting this planet earth, the nature of these other civilzations is beginning to be understood.They are civilizations like us from stars with orbiting planets and moons etc and constitue a differant world.Because of the very advanced nature of some of these beings and civilizations,some of these worlds are Utopian, or paradise to us..Higher beings have always interacted with us at a subconcious level.Although we may not know it, they are always working in our world.Angels and gods are real.They come from different worlds and this common experience we have is an alien way of taking us to one of their worlds.An alien kidnap or abduction type phenomena or psychology.These beings are ingenious beyond our understanding and also very natural.They employ numerous differnt abduction techniques and this is one of them.Believe it or not they even abduct other animals,take them home to their world.This they like to do.
Although this born again new world person may not be able to deliver evidence and proof,he has in fact being subject to an Alien or ET experience.It is a religious experience in retrospect but doesnt seem so at the time,because it is not a pleasant journey initially.Visons and religious experiences have similarities to an "end of the world experience".Encounters with "god" through visions etc. are alien conatact/experiences.
This puts into place much of the Bible,s description in Revelations but further explanation should be added.You could ask where man came up with this idea of "God"It is used to explain and put a label on that which he cant understand,in a simple three letter word.The Unknown.
It is not understood by many that some civilizations are so highly evolved that the word "God" is a very appropriate descriptions.They do have the power to manifest bible miracles and this includes the creation story.A vison or contact with one of these beings would could only be described as seeing god.But they are not god.They are masters of the universe.
The correct translation and undestanding in our bible is not "God" but "gods".
It has been misspelt and mistranslated.We are doing the knowledge to become as gods.Masters of the Universe.These are ET,s or Aliens.So are we,but less advanced or evolved.
Therefore what it is saying in the Revelations chapter of the bible is that we are going to be taken to another world,either individually or collectively.That masters of the Universe or an advanced civilization is going to colonize our world,earth.Spacemen are coming.Eric Von Danikan was right.
They will erase the old world.There will be no proof or evidence.
There is a school of thought that the bible is simply a book of psychiatry and psycholgy equivalant to our modern psychology books.That we are born into the modern garden of eden until our eyes open in adulthood and partake of the tree of knowledge and the tree of life.That the whole thing is a discription of our psychology,is what is being said, it should be upodated to refelect its meaning in the modern day,with modern terminolgy,which is true.But what it is not saying is that we are born with original sin,They are making the assumption that we are born innocent and without original sin.If we rearange the meaning and arithmetic of"originl sin" to a "state of knowledge",then they would be contradicting the timeline of the bible which is saying that we are evolving to a state of knowledge though a process of reincarnations in time.Also they would not be accepting the bible as an accurate historical record predcting our future from the standpoint of our original nature through time.They would not be accepting the influence of then "gods"in human evolution.They would be only accepting the "self".This is acceptable by many and self realization is also defined as the meaning of religion.To take this arguement further we could look at the Budhist point of view,who are the highest advocates of "the self" and self realization.The Budha is non committal on the question as to whether or not there is a god.Inteligent design or Darwinism is still the unanswered question.Natural evolution or not?.Is there a god?
Darwinism or natural evolution is critical to our New World Scientific credibillty and the arguement has been raging for a long time.It is now coming to a head.Science is now saying that our dna has been inteligently coded arguing for inteligent design against Darwinism.Other information has been added to their data bases to futher the understanding of our biology and dna.This could be the reason other arguements are being put forward to surport natual evolution, in case a a failure occurs with our current scientific position,because it is essential that they support natural evolution.Thye now say two forms of evolution exist for a species.One is by a creator and the other is by natural means.They say we are by a creator.They are therefore saying we are created by ET,s.They are not going to accept that God created the universe etc.or us and our earth.
Therefore the arguement is still unresolved.As in the many universe theory,they are simply moving the goalposts every time the atheistic arguement is defeated.

If science is now officially conceding to inteligent design,(I am not sure if this has become the position),then it will be saying that this integent design is not God,but ET.As to the quetion of where do they com efrom it is passing the ball back again to say these are created by natural evolution,(Darwinism).
So it is exactly the same standpoint as before on the question of God the creator.They will favour a scientific arguement that there is no God, only science.They are at root saying we are not created but evolve through natural selection.They have no means to explain the creation of life and the universe out of nothing with our current understanding of science.
But it is still a stalemate.It is not conclusive or proven in either direction.It takes a leap of faith to establish either belief.
Maybe "The Unkown" is going to have to be here for much longer.

My own personal point of view is that we have insuficent understanding of the nature of reality and its many dimensions,(spacial and other).
Pure inteligence can exist at higher dimensional levels and creation can occur spontaneously.Nature creates itself.Nature is God.Inteligence is built in.
Therefore my conclusion to the arguement of Darwinsim or inteligent design is that we create ourselves.Als0 that we have the abillty to create life ourselves.
This is an approximation to Budhism.

The Fallen Angel

So many people are concerned with this in the last 30 years or so, especially with the education arrived at by the psychiatric state forensic politics.Known as satan or the devil before this, but becoming neccessary to describe the modern fallen angel victims of the drug culture particularly,equated with dangerousness and schizophrenia if not terrorism and other diagnosis.Fallen superstars etc.
It is true that like my self those of so many my generation are in this catorgory.
Highest heavens are attained by use of drugs and cult religions,known as machine messiah in my days,but the problem has accellerated since then.It is now so bad, the situation hase to be concealed to prevent shock reactions to vulnerabe people.The picture extends much futrher than the modern western drug cultures.Cult religions world wide have been taken short cuts to spiritual realms that have produced the fallen angel collection ofcrimes which we have heard about.Perhaps worse.
We think of this as a human problem.It could occur in other species, ET etc.
The point this article would like to make is that through internet disclosures information has been delivered that says off planet activity has been going on for many years which could be described as occult and cult religious activities and beliefs that have partnered up with ET entities.It seems similar logic follows to the patterns we already are familliar with.It comes on top at some satge and the fallen angel happenneninmg occurs,I am told,in biblical proprtions.So we know what to expect when religious communities toppple.This is important to take note of in Arab abd Eastern societies for instance,they are not as innocent as some make out with the onset of conflict in moderen times, but also,little knownto most,is the scale of this disaster offplanet, where societies and colonies have existed in the last 40 years.Including the moon and Mars etc.The article I read disclosing these thing pointed at illuminati, 4th Reich , the secret space program workers etc. Also some non human spirirual fallen entities.It claimed the non human fallen creatures where undescribaby bad news horrifying and that we would desperatley need salvation and protection from them.Some references made to biblical similarities also.He advocated Jesus Christ as our only saviour from this.

I dont know if it is worth writing this, but in short beware of occult practices, because the whole world is being attacked by these forces, and nothing less than death will result if it finds you ,but possibly worse.It predicts bad news ahead.
The reason is clear why the state has launched a full scale war on this.With the powereful weapons that are now in existance the stakes are high to win the game.In many peoples opinion they have mad disasterous mistakes.As we know,the state is riddled with fallen angels and we are only defended by Artificial Inteligence.
Governments have always pretended to be secular, a good force for the benefit of the people, with a some Christian principals thrown in etc.but this is not so.
The truth is thet these occult forces have always controlled governments and the devesting destruction and wars throughout history are the result of this..Nature never has been nor ever will be the sole property of human beings.The legends like the fall of Atlantis etc are probably true and similar stories are coming to light about destructions elswhere in the solar system.The weaponry we have now is enough to destroy us and it is obviously not safe.Also not safe for other lifeforms besides ourselves.

Major World Religions

The major world religions are correct in their spirtual information although some has been altered by secular rulers as you see with the bible.Not much of this information is put to proper use, but mosly corrupted for gain.
With the huge ammounts of texts that are available in for instance budhist and hindhu literature,most things can be learnt.The right application, path, waysof living.As opposed to shortcut religions and cults which are very unsafe.Nature is a powerful force and correct information can blow up in your face in a big way,
Therefore we have always had to had pull our punches with a diluted version of religion and god.
It is questionable,if any religion will deliver in the enviroment that we have,Just knowledge gained through experience,is likely to work.
But the big questions are answered, looking at the Bagahavad Gita for instance, it does empahasise the inner world ,techniques and yogas,to turn the eye inwards.The information is correct in so many of the religions, but a person is not going to know that except in hindsight, meaning it would likely to be too late.
It is a guide book to the overall holistic formula that we are born into, and die.It is not nessarilly the truth, more like a an equation thrown at us that we are compelled to solve, whether we like it or not.

A utopian society, an enlightenned civilization, even the model of civilization itself is complete and utter nonesense and rubbish,It is not possible.The Christian ideal and promise, the church doctrine, especially the catholic society is rubbish The Church itself is nonesense and rubbish in its manifesto to build an enlightenned and spiritually lawful society.It cannot impose religious doctrine on a secular population.This goes for a secular civilization.It just isnt possible.only voluntary study can deliver to change oneself, for the exceptional person,who rejects secular life, in favour of changing himself.This is a nature fact.It has been a huge mistake to try to change the world,to falsify a new age that doesnt exist and never will.The do-gooder idiots from social worker departments have made a balls up, not only now but for a long time.

UFO Article Link.

One Bite of The Cherry

This is not good news and requires a coverup.
Time incarnations are at an end when the marriage breaks down.There is no such thing as a second chance.Well adjusted minds are capable of a life.A time incarnation and reproduction to further the familly line.This is their purpose for us.The species.This is what it is about,what society tries to deliver.These are the politics.Others contribute differently who dont partner.This is their purpose.
We are born into time,but early damage to our natural psychology disorders us into a psycholgy outside this time.Therefore a chance of advancement is lost and another reason is needed.People will not accept the truth,but many are not fit for parenting and marriage.Those that are fit,can be unsuccessful if the marriage fails.Their life purpose becomes unsuccessful.
The result is that society has unsuccessful breeding partners filling the vaccuum and delivering a population that is, distructive and non sustainable or viable. It has no future or purpose.It has failed to continue its familly,the purpose of the species..These are spirits and poltergeist.Outside of a time incarnation.
Reincarnations outside of time are not real reincarnations or chances in life.

The point of the article is that those couples whose pair bond break down have no second chance,of another pair bond in time,which is contrary to popular belief,expectations and information that is delivered to us.Our DNA dictates these are lifelong bonds.There is only one bite of the cherry for our species,unless we alter the genetic information.
The ancient barbaric practice by hindhus in India of suttee(sati) reflects this genetic but suttee was supposed to be only in connection to the death of the husband,but was practised also in other circumstances.The loss of a partner is a psychological death, to a male as well as a female.It can be a spiritual death.

In terms of our orginal nature, and evolution it is also important as direction for a correct path in life,because we are not a viable species otherwise.The forces of nature outside time causes damage and destruction to ourselves and others.
People do continue to live outside of time,which can be destructive and lead to misfortune,for themselves their children and others.It propogates an ever worsenning future.Incarnations need to be within time for a safe path.People do reject being prisoners of time if given a free choice.This is the price we pay for our modern politics.We have no checks and balances,it seems.We can expect a come back some time in the future,though.
Society in general lies about this information and dictates from governement down a false road road and guidance for a society that is already beyond salvation.

We cannot process the information outside Time.Can you give a rapid answer to the question of Infinity? Eternity? Life? Death? The answer is no.We cannot live outside time.Original nature is not available to us until we have the knowledge gained from advancement within the safe path of time.
We are dealing with spiritual liars who claim otherwise, beacuse they cannot return to the world of death after drug use or other crime etc.They are instant gratification merchants who want original nature now.They will not wait.These are mostly fallen angels,maybe from heaven,society is full of them.They are mostly involved with religions because they are blind.The road to Hell is pathed with good intentions.This is a lesson to learn in our time.

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The 2 articles below deliver knowledge and information relating to Prison and religions.

I would like to make a point.Aliens,ET and therefore God etc, deliver knowledge only to those who have the key to open the door,Therefore it is a waste of time going to college, studying etc. unless it was meant to be so.Reading the bible and the scriptures is the same,it only works for those who have the key.