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Who You Are.

Nature is carved up into arbitrary units,although perhaps this was not always the case.Who you are is governed by your identity ranging from parentsand family ,to others in your environment and the environment itself.Also,especially your partner.But none of these identities are thetruthof who you are, nor is your exact copy of your DNA.The Adam and Eve story, likewise, is not who you are.
The very interesting thing about the scientists dodgy story,your DNA being who you are,does not explain male female.It doesn't explain environment.
It doesn't explain the source or origin.
It is a floored argument.Their clones are not acceptable.

The Origin of God

The very word God is a misnomer.The scriptures refer to the gods, which refers to enlightenned or super nature beings in the plural.
The word we have cometo know as God,is derived from a word in the ancient Germanic language which meant Good.God by nature and definition is good and evil,as stated in the metaphysics.The shift in empahasis with the scritures is evident everywhere.Firstly,covering up the females significanceand secondlyto deny the existance of anything uncomfortable,namely evil.
It is logically concluded thatgood can achieve anything that evil can ,and although this is true at the highest level, not so,for ordinary mortal beings.Therefore the idea that "Godis good"is not wrong,but only half the story.
So language has twisted the meaning to fit in with a societies comfort zone, and not the truth.This is the case with all languages.Originally languages meant what they said.

Both Worlds

In the beginning Adam and Eve saw the world through rose coloured specs.They had the best of both worlds, but they were still in the world.So after the fall they were both trying to recover both worlds.This is the normal story for people.
But the "both worlds" in the beginning and the "both worlds" in the end are not the same.The knowledge has been done of "the world",(or nature),although it is still "both worlds",but from a differrant viewpoint.No longer is your requirement to gain knowledge, which changes your program.Your nature has been transcended,but the bigger nature of reality has not.
Return to original nature, enables one to see.From the beginning duality and conflict arises because of this lack of sight.Cain and Abel offer the two paths that are sighted.Sight is what is meant when referring to the face of god(s).The creation to so many people is cited as proof of a creator or god.It is considered the face of god./i>
I do not write the following lightly,or without very careful consideration.Neither is this knowledge available to even those of profound spiritual enlightenments.In fact it is not very likely that you would hear from anyone else, who had learnt this by personal experience,and the hand of fate,because it is not possible to get back from these spaces to tell the tale, under normal circumstances.However similar views have been mentioned, albeit by guesswork and blind faith in their saviour. worthings.
The major avatars and religious figureheads given to the world are within the five major religions basically, the Budhas,Rhadakrisnas and Christs. I have lisetnned to Jordon Maxwell on the internet, and agrre with muchof what he says not only In regard to the historical authenticity of Jesus Christ.It may well be that these figures never really existed and that it would not alter the menaing and the purpose if this was so.it wouldn't matter.In this I agree.In fact you could get a more perfect teaching and religion if your pen had the freedom to deliver perefection.In the story of jesus, it seems that it is so perfect, that this could only come about in such a way.So maybe.It wouldn't make any difference.
The real point of this article, is to discredit the religions, basically as being impossible to achieve.As fraudulent,therefore.I would say this is the case in practice, but perhaps not in theory.in theory.Which is why it may be more possible to invent a religion that to deliver one for real.

It has recently been claimed,particularely by the information explosion on the internet,that fallen angels proliferate all past and present religious paths and doctrines going back for centuries, if not more, encompassing the entirety of the eastern budhas ,yogis etc.many are claiming that thesaviour Jesus Christ is the one and only path, the supreme religion and saviour, including the fallen Budhas and yogis and Maitrayas of the East.Included also in this are ET,s and gods of the early bible and mythical legends of our past.In fact the whole lot of the suopernature that has gone before.I do not neccessarilly agree that Jesus Christ is the one remaining true saviour.It may be that there are none.

That religion does not deliver.
All religions present a method or a system of nature that enables a transcendence to your higher self, a paradise or Utopia, in time by following its disciplines.it is offering a method to reach the end point of your evolution by this nature method.A short cut.A fiddle, basically.
Its asumptions are based on its choice of a male and female nature model.This is in the case with all the religions and yoga,s, East and West.Christ roots are in his Adam and Eve, Budhas,yogis and eastern religions have a system based on the divine mother or Rhadakrisna.
But this is fraudulent.Evolution is the natural religion because it is based on the entire species for its nature, not an arbitrary unit of a male and a female.
Therefore it can be seen that we have been delivered a fiddle that is a shortcut, much the same as the drug trade is.It therefore has to serve humanity when it gets to transcend.It now says,"the fullfilment of the kingdom of God" i.e for everyone.The realization is now seen to be a collection of fallen angels.
Likewise for science when it leaves its secular status and becomes a religion or cult.

Eternal Dimensions Struggle

Man was created ,as are all living things, in an ecosystem built of 4 space dimensions (innerspace/infinity)and a time dimension of inner and outer time.
Wehave to process this information.The information of thesedimensions.Theycannot be processed all at once it takes time, but to process Time,it could take eternity,if we take any notice of what it says on the tin.Much of this information is impossible to process outside of nature, or at least very difficult.Time is past present and future and it is substance that can be fitted into a formula and present its self as an "all at once phenomena".It can be understood in a flash or it can take forever,eternity.It can present one second as equivalent to a thousand years or visa versa.Its nature really isnt understood.The laws of time can be altered .It is a dimension of space that has been used to accompagny or define a 3 dimensional material universe .It is not what it seems.At some levels it doesnt exist, at some it presents as heaven or hell,at others it merges into another dimension, as said which is space.It can be a very powerful friend or an enemy too.This is because it is not understood by an experiencer who has lost his natural space time.
It is not just universal it is Cosmic.It must be appreciated as continuous, which means past present and future.If we loose our past or future,we loose Tme.Time only exists in the present.But we cannot be expected to remain here-now beings, as this removes our 3-D world which we need to survive.It confines us to universaltruthofEternity and InfinityInner space and inner time.But nature has a way of keeping in tune and in sync by a harmony.A cosmic harmony with earth and sun.Itcan remain in the present on the principal of one day at a time.In other words the cosmic creation gives aunit to define time .This unit is oneday. 24hours.One revolution of the earth on its axis.This enables us to see time moving in a forward direction and we don't have to see"Time all at Once".We don't have to process eternity every second.so the ever present Now can slowly move accross the sky where the sun rise and sunset are seen to happen.It gives time a meaning,but in terms nature.
Once you know one day, you will know all days, because (along with the months and the seasons)one day is the same as all days.One year is the same as all years.Therefore by knowing one day you can predict the future in this eternal universe,a million years hence the sun will be risingand then setting with a blue sky and clouds , alongside the trees and birds etc. exactly the sameas it does every day.Time is still past present and future, an all at once phenomena ,That doesnt exist outside the present, but the mechanism has been hijacked to paint a different picture.
Time is seemingly given a direction of travel,forward.But you can stop time and get off if you want too.It is built into a nature that doesn't want you to get off,it wants you play the game.

We will not find time meaning outside nature.It is Cosmic and it is Biological.

space theory-hypotheseis

An article of interest has been written on the page below.


Origin of Religion.Reasons.

It seems that religions were created as rulebooks and guide books.It must be that at some point in our past this became necessary.Originally it may have not been the case.My view is that it became necessary to implement a civilization.Living together in societies and communities after the introduction of farming.
It is similar today, where the key point is still the law ,in our current attempt at a civilization.Originally there was no law.It was a concept that did not exist and there was no religion.There was a balance of nature written into the ecology.
If you look at the bible it seems to be introducing a system that goes against the grain.Starting off with outlining the difficulty of living against a law, i.e. original sin of Adam and Eve and the killing of Abel by Cain.It seems straight away that unrighteousness increased and the gods deemed fit to destroy man in a flood.So it is evident that a law was not being adhered too, and the civilizing of society was not working.It is only a litle later in the book that Moses delivers the long awaited Ten Laws of the commandments.
The source code is laid out in that life was to be an exercise in good and evil.The rest after this is an attempt at management of what doesn't seem to be manageable.Even today.
It could be said that its saviour and messiah,Jesus, was sent to outline a method of escape from what appears to be a written off human species,and a failed social experiment.

Evolution Is key To Science NWO.

New world order has invested heavily in science as the new religion.The Truth.Some say prematurely, not having yet accomplished all its answers.But the argument raging still between intelligent design or evolution is not yet solved.Steven Meyer is the new voice that claims to have proved that evolution is not possible.However he doesn't explain the,not however being able to identify the source of this intelligence.
The permutations combinations theory is on a sticky wicket in light of the new arguments.They have delivered calculations to " prove" that the time would not be available for this natural selection mechanism.They also show that the very assumption,s that give rise to the idea of evolution and natural selection, are shown to support his new ideas of intelligent design.this seems to be true.Definately,Darwin,s theory is seriously flawed in many areas, yet the other arguments being delivered are no where near authoritative,in my view, as t the nature of reality.It really is presumptious to assume we have a good track record when it comes to answering the big questions of science and reality.With our mind and existance locked inside a 3-dimensional box that we have insisted has to be taken as the ultimate nature of reality,it is hardly surprising we cannot answer these questions such as who is the creator.For a start this question is nonesensecal when only three dimensions of space are considered and one of time.How can you confine the nature of reality to three or four dimension, and then still expect to explain realities creator? You have to look at these questions afresh,think outside the box.

For instance we argue that we evolve through nature to master higher dimensions,and leave this world behind.To overcome the material dimension.If this is true that there are dimensions that are superior to our material and physical dimension, then by definition, these higher dimensions are going to have the ability to create matter in a reversal of this evolutionary mechanism.To recreate a lower dimensional reality.If you take this logic further and assume nature consists of many more and higher dimensions, then it follows that creating a 3-D universe and even life would be possible.So yes, it might be impossible to create the whole damn thing from our 3-D material world,but it might be very easy for"the whole damn thing" to create our 3-Dimensional universe of matter.Life,s organic chemistry,also.It is a bit arrogant to assume that we are running the show as to what is truth and what is not.
So back to the inteligent design or evolution arguement, If the current opinion is that life is a result of inteigent design, why is this a surprise?It is hard for us to except that Inteligence may be built into the mechanism of reality and its dimensions.That it is not actually sourced in a "mind".Or that inteligent life has evolved or exists in non physical dimensions.Why should physical dimensions only have a monopoly on inteligence,mind and creation.Life also.

Back to the arguement that is brewing over Steven Meyer,s book, to disprove evolution,(it is a powerful logic),NWO will not be prepared to concede to this arguement against science and evolution,
But it will have to get prepared to an alternative explanation.
My view is that nature has inteligence built into it.It created itself.But not necessarily from the material reality.
You cannot avoid the critical arguement that has now surfaced, that life has been designed and created by an Inteligence.It is about time this has been recognized.But the source of this inteligence is not a creagtor or God,that we have hitherto assumed. It is nature itself.The answer to this big question is as it says on the tin, when you look and wonder at creation.Nature is God.
The entire physical,material universe,time itelf and all other dimensions,life and us.
The nature of reality.

Are We Ready For The Next Dimension?

We have undoubtedly been hit by knowledge of the next dimension.It is now main stream in our everyday science and technology.It is devastated the world world and system and its concepts and beliefs.Collective consciousness has been removed and put in a Time tunnel.It will re-emerge once the new information has been processed.The resultant shift into a fifth dimensional world with five and six and seven dimensional technologies instead of a three and four dimensional smart grid that the old world was built on.It has been written off and summed up by a formula.

Not only the physical sciences are shifted dimensionally but also the biological and organic sciences will shift into higher dimensions.As a being we will have to keep up with this dimensional shift, biologically.

One Hand Clapping

Bob Dylan. "You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows."

Bhagavad Gita."The wise man that sees has no needs for the scriptrures.

Also,Jesus says, he has come to help blind,not those who have no need of a physician.</spn>