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Nature is very powerful and  dangerous and so are its laws.

This includes human nature as well as any other natures.It is not so much a case of observing the law as it is avoiding the laws of nature.We couldn't survive withut some protection from nature.So therefore the laws, rules and comandments are needed  so as to survive in civilization.They are delivering an artificial environment, which could potentially come unstuck.Even the ten commandments are protecting us from the real natural world. 

Drug Information Link.

 I am opening a new page trying to tackle the misinformation surrounding the subject of drug use:


Original Sin.

This is a good topic.I heard Corey Goode on Gaia TV try to get across a very little recognized concept.That is self forgiveness.

There are some things that cannot be forgiven by us humans.We are not spiritually powerful enough.Original sin is one of them.We are built genetically to have one pair bonding per lifetime, we  die, we are erased, we reincarnate afresh and start again, with a clean sheet.

There are things that we will not be able to forgive.

There are some people who know what to do, forgive yourself.This is the right way to deal with quite a lot of the situations, especially nowadays.

It not that easy, but can be arrived at, in Time.

Bibles View of Mankind,s Nature.

In the beginning of Genesis it is saying that the human species is built out of a Male-Female creature, that is called Man.Then smallest unit and original unit of human nature.

The rest of the knowledge of who we are is built on this premise.

But is not safe to say "whom we are "from this premise, because this is not our real original nature as we evolved genetically,( perhaps as   a familly unit or tribe).This is who we are as dictated to us by another species, a different nature form our own.The quest to overcome our fall in the garden of Eden is the quest for knowledge, as said.It may mean self realization and self knowledge, but it explains this is the knowledge to become like "gods".So, is it saying god realization ( and god knowledge)? Or is it saying self realization( and human knowledge)?Evolution as a human or evolution to another species.It is debatable because we have been removed from our original natural genetic evolution.

So therefore religion ,self realization,truth and knowledge to explain the nature  of reality, is an uncertainty to us.We are not going to know who we  are, we are going to know who someone else is.(ET).So may be we are on a path to NOT KNOW who we are., self in-realization, not the truth.

But It seems that this description of human nature being built from basic Male-Female units, is wrong.The human species identifies with many more units of from nature than that.For instance in tribal or family or community relationships, children,grandparents, brothers, sisters etc,many interconnections are equired to know himself.Also he identifyies with the world around him, sky , sun, moon trees , wild life, food gathering etc.This warrior unit of male female, jesus-mary, radhakrisna, mother-child, wife-husband, adam-eve etc, is rubbish as a definition of who you are, and even worse as a description of religion and truth.It is clearly a case of hijacking the pair bonding gene and using it to deliver death, (which is what god and religion are),rather than for the healthy, lifelong continuation of the species reasons.

The Genesis description of mans nature is ridiculous, and also that this is original nature, (common terminology in religions), is not OK either.

So therefore self realization , truth, knowledge and religion does not stand the up to the test when examined like this.Neither does Mans own description of who he is.

The logical conclusion to this logic is that modern man is a lost species.Extinct

and is in the process of being recycled into nature.

This agrees with ET intelligence information.

We have been altered genetically and are still in the process of being genetically altered .We are no longer the planet earth creature we were designated to be originally.

Budhist views are interesting on these points.Firstly they are basically non-committal on the question of whether or not there is a God.

The fact of reincarnation to almost any other nationality or species, and an evolutionary path of reincarnation into other species on other planets, of a higher or lower nature is fundamental to all budhist doctrine.Also Hindhu doctrine.

This may easily be the facts of the matter and the way nature works, but I would say that this is because our nature is no longer controlled by us as a species as it was originally.Originally this was not the case.

Self is truth for any life form.But with humans we are not "self".We have added componants from ET.


Dead Sea Scrolls.2.

There is nothing wrong with the original bible.It compares with any other religion or philosophy in it writings and scriptures, including the budhist and hindu writings, at least as good as these.But the version we see is a totally corrupted and altered version of the Hebrew texts and texts that came before.

YouTube research will put you in touch with information that has only recently been public, regarding the texts tah have now become available, including the dead sea scrolls and then gnostic scriptures.But there are many more.

Who Wrote The Bible.

It is said by intelligence sources that the ancient scriptures were written by Man. dont think this will be accepted by many,but it may be true.

The self realization point of view when reading them is that they are written by"yourself".

In the same way as the Budha says that he is the god himself, it could be said in the religions that " I am Christ, I am god, I am moses etc. Also  "I am antichrist , I am the devil,,etc. The budha would also say the he wrote the scriptures, So would a Christ or a Rhadakrisna.

It is self realization.


The Radhakrisna of the Hindus is the same thing as the Adam and Eve of the Bible and this is the same thing as the Divine Mother of the Budhist,s philosphy.

Paths to the god or paths to enlightenment cannot bypass this female/male knowledge.All religions say this.

Drug Trade Metaphysics.

In my day drugs were mostly used for opening doors.It was hailed as self realization and enlightenment.But it was only removing constructs of the mind that were man made, it was not altering the nature of the mind as it was meant to be.It was a return to the cosmic mind, ideally.But the problem lay in the addiction to drugs and the electric distortion of the music system.The secret of drug use, in my opinion, is to know when to stop, and what to do afterwards.This is something that they were not able to do, because of the addiction.

My generation are walking example of Drugs Dont Work.This is crystal clear for everybody to see, since the seventies, yet people were, and still are  encouraged to take drugs, in their millions.Why is this ?


It seems obvious that entanglement demonstrates the mechanics of a differrant space dimension i.e innerspace.The 4th spacial dimension. Infinity.As mentioned in my other post.Information is already there in this space.It hasn't got to travel over any distance or time, as these do not exist in the 4th dimension.

Within or Without. The Big Question.

This is one of the most difficult bits of knowledge in the spiritual journey.Many sailors have been lost at sea trying to answer this one.

We know the right and proper answer should be  that The kingdom is within.But this is easier said than done if a person is ever hit by the outer truth.It can loose a person,because once out , it can very rarely ever get back in.Infinity and eternity are within.They are inner space.This is true.But they are also outside.The Universe is Infinite and Eternal.This is also true.

Therefore one has to reconcile these diametrically opposed truths.

If you have ever seen the night sky  full of stars on a clear night, you may have been hit with Eternity and Infinity staring you in the face. It begs for an answer as to process the information of infinity and eternity.This can be rationalized within.An encounter with nature can cause you to loose  reasoning within and  believe  in the outer dimension.You may be stuck in trying to process 4D information with a 3D concept of reality.It wont compute.

So my previous posts may shine a light on this .

Nature is Time and Space.Biologically we are Time and Space.Time is defined to us biological as a day, 24 hours.If you understand the nature of one day you will understand how it is every day, form the point of view of the sun rising into the sky, setting again with the night sky taking over until the next sunrise, and the events this has on the ecology and the earth and us.Although the seasons bring variations, if you go out into the field and understand one day, you will be able to predict what is going to happen in then outer environment in the future.The same thing will happen every day for the next million years.You can therefore predict the future, in all probability.All life under the sun will respond to this cycle.

So therefore in a sense you know time, from a biological and natural cosmic point of view.You know time by time.(Time is itself.Time is you).Our cosmic time is dictated by the 24 hour cycle of earths rotation and the sun.

If you are hit by Time all at Once,past present and future, eternity,or if you are hit by space all at once ,infinity, you can loose your reasoning and natural self.Your brain cannot always process the information, and therefore you should not step outside your natural time and space.

If you have to process the information, remember the cosmic model of time and my posts on the dimensions of Infinity within/without.


1.The Here Now stuff is time and space all at once, and is not where its at.It is drug talk.One day at a time is where its at.

2.We are prisoners of our dimensions, but we can step off our cosmic wheel.If we  step into harmony with our earth/sun/moon and step off the cycle, we will enter another higher cosmic cycle or return to this one .This is evolution compelled by nature.This is a similar idea to budhist phylosophy, but not the same.

Religions and phylosophies are not written in stone.They are  distortions or rearrangements of natural cosmic truth. They are for the blind.

Any one who can see has a capability of creating his own religion, and this is what has been done in the past.Without our natural ecosystem we are never going to get a way of seeing, so will allways have to put up with someone else,s view point,or someone else,s religion.