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Is There a God, a Devine Creator ?

Science is arguing still on the question of whether God ceated the universe or not, and it is a major part of scientific thinking, as to what is the truth.The latest theory is that there are many other universe,s, and this one is special because it works so well.The scientific arguement is that there are trilions upon trillions of other universe,s that were created along side this one, and this being the case ,it stands to reason that some, by mere chance, would have the perfect ingredients to deliver life and what we see here on earth.
Believe it or not this is backed by most of the scientific community, who are very inteligent people.They are saying it is likely that the whole thing is just nature, not god (read The Grand Design,by prof Hawkins and a Polish Scientist),or at least that the present scientific understanding,has no requirement for the God explanation.
However Religion doesnt actually say there is a god either if you examine it closely and precisely.Budhism, is non-commital on the subject as to whether or not there is a God, a Divine Creator.They too suggest it is just Nature.The Christian Bible has been very wrongly understood on the subject.The correct translation of the Hebrew texts say that it is "gods" of which we are one, not god.This delivers a very differrant meaning.It suggests that we are talking about higher evolved beings i.e ET. A very differant thing to God the creator.A product of nature.The whole thing about extraterrestials has been scrubbed out of the religious texts deliberately, a good few centuries and replaced the texts that referred to ET and UFO, with the word "God", and son of God" instead of "sons of ET".Hindhu texts dont do this.If this is so, then it means that religions dont claim there is a God either, they are talking about evolution,nature, etc, as to waht is the truth.Religions are saying there are "gods" ,meaning ET,s, and super advanced nature.This also what Budhist are saying,.Budhism is not a religion so much as a phylosophy.Yet it is accepted as one of the 5 world religions.
So higher inteligence does in most instances say it is evolution by nature and not God. God is not disproven,neccessarilly.Nor proven either.

On "The Grand Design" arguement,prof Hawkins has said the he thinks this theory qualifies as" a "theory of everything". I am not happy to accept this as it does not offer a unified force and particle solution.Also there are matters that are not dealt with or explained in our knowledge base.But, he is right in that the theory gives a satisfactory explanation which adds up and is scientifically correct.It can deliver the human mind with an answer for the very first time in our history.It is a theory of everything if one chooses it to be so.It is good enough to stop searching for an answer at this point.
There is another interpretation to this theory that many trillions of Universes were created alongside ours , and that is that all the other universes did not survive and the only universe to survive was the one that added up correctly i.e.ours.
Maybe a few others , who can say.

A good read .Download it on Kindle.
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