Genetic Alterations by the Gods.

There are conflicting arguments between that which religion teaches and our genetic make up.This is clear in the Bible, first chapter, genesis.It seems that man,s evolution  was hijacked from  his natural ecosystem and genetic make up, by the gods. ET. One of the major religious laws  forbids killing.Therefore self defence genetics have a problem.This can go against his/her nature and politics.It would be correct to say that religion  is contrary to the worlds secular politics.its armies and police etc.It would therefor have to reject the religious arguement.

But not so fast, listen to the correct argument.Is there such a thing as a gun ?A weapon ? Are there any guns in existence ? Weapons ? The answer may be no. There are no guns available  for the secular or religious argument.It may  be that it is not possible to kill.That the religions are correct.For a gun or a weapon to exist it would require for a target to exist also for that weapon. 

(It very unusual for a civilized country to allow every citizen to own guns as they do in America.But since the citizens do not have targets for those weapons, they  do not exist , on paper.So that is why.They are allowed to have guns that don't work.They would definitely all gone off by now if they did work).

Our genetic natural nature would agree that self defence could see target(s).

But if you look more closely, our nature has been interfered with and our nature is not presented with its target(s).We are not controlling our nature . ET is. As the bible puts it, god is in control of nature.(our nature).Our genetics therefore have been interfered with/altered, the gods have removed our abillity to kill by removing the target.We can no longer kill.therefore we can see that a genetic alteration has been made to mankind in this way by extraterrestials.

This is explained in genesis, if you read between the lines.

The secular argument that the world has been using for the last 2000 years is a lie.It is being used to make money in huge quantities.


To keep the worlds war machine ,the arms manufacturers and money making machine system going they are inventing targets .In reality these are inaccurate, false.

Technically speaking these are either criminal acts for money, or schizophrenic grid-referance errors .Either way the self same system that they use to exist could prosecute indefinite detention orders on these people.


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