One In a Million.

A truth that is worth mentioning is a verse from the Bhagvad Gita, which basically says that not one person in a million knows God or will be saved by God.(gods).

This is the same for all religions.Very few will become as Jesus Christ or Budha.

This leads one to the conclusion that the religions are 99% waist of time which they are.But they look good on paper.Theoretically.

Information Technology and Artificial intelligence.Science and Technology. This is the same.It will also not save humanity. Or be as useful in saving us as people are suggesting.

If the information  of why we are suffering or what is the matter was delivered to us it would not help.

An example could be a health example.If the information of schizphrenia was to be delivered, it would not lead to a cure for the patient.So the cure is of no value.

Similarly if  the information  of the  knowledge of good and evil required to get back to the garden of Eden, were to be deliverred to Adam ad Eve, it would not get them back to the garden.They are simply told to eat of the tree of life., and do what happens.

The point I am making here is the role of Technology that we are being flooded with, is going to play I our welfare.

Although potentially and theoretically  it is very powerful and useful ,it is  in practice no use whatsoever to 90% of the population.

It is about as much good as a copy of the catholic bible to most people.

As Christ said, he has come to help the blind, not for those who can see.

The trouble with being blind is that you cannot read or understand the Bible, ( so to speak),And if you are not blind, you do not need to read the Bible.

Catch 22.

Same with technology.

Its no use to anybody.


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