Cain and Abel.

Briefly the story goes like this.

Cain,the first born,tiller of the ground is born through Eve, (from god),.He is told off by god at harvest time whilst Abel is praised.The Lord gives the reason that sin is  creeping into his life by not paying attention to work.Cain talks to Abel then he kills him.The reason for this is not clearly stated .You have to read between the lines.He is cast out from the earth and hidden from the face of god.Is sent to live in the land of Nod East of Eden, marries, has a son and builds a city.He names this city after his son, Enoch.

Gods face is now hidden ( the dark) and he is off the land into a city ( lives within).

Abel is dead in the earth.

Interepret the meaning of this as you will.

My interpretation is both Cain and Abel have been killed.

Both have eaten from the tree of life and both live eternally.

Abel is the right hand path,( good) and Cain is the left hand path ( evil).

Their argument was sin was creeping into Cain,s life. ( sex).The elder brother is dominant and the truth of the argument is  the legal tender of either female or food. The connection the Lord puts in with this work of Cain and Abel is sin creeping into them. At this point in genesis we have crossed over from sex to food as being motivations re-the tree of life.Which one comes first I do not know.Is one a corruption of the other? It does seem to indicate targets originate from this episode of original sin and that these targets get corrupted as time goes on.Ultimately one has to blame oneself,( not god), we have been set up, had our genes altered, to increase knowledge.

This is the nature of the  Adam and Eve politics as seen by the next generation.

The knowledge path of good and evil begins,each lesson being punctuated by reincarnation.

Sex and food it seems are the forces captured by the gods to control.Both these forces have now come into play with Cain and Abel.We have left the earth and moved into the city ( Enoch).The face of god is now hidden and we are forced to see within.The path of darkness.

The Nature of Man:

It seems the knowledge of good and evil is being delivered through the sex and the food.

Abel,s right hand path reincarnates, where the face of god is not hidden and is sighted naturally.Not within.


Religion is a description of Human Nature, and Evolution being quickened by the gods, or better described as ET, through genetic alterations.Science has stepped outside nature to answer questions and it should not do so.It will only have to return to its nature, and earth.If we alter our genes it has to be done  naturally.We couldn't do that ourselves.


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