Further Genesis Insight.

The knowledge of good and evil, as it says,"you shall surely die",(albeit the serpent says otherwise),is there and the tree of life is offerred ,with the next generation, as mentioned below, partaking.All following reincarnations result in death , and rebirth., so it is said that this tree of life-cycle is a line of eternal life.It is apparent that the Adam and Eve politics are rediscovered each lifetime, albeit in a corrupted way, whereby limited knowledge is progressively earned, from the food and sex motivator,( marriage).But basically this knowledge is "death".

It is true that the wages of sin are death,but this is irrespective of whether you are good or evil.Nature forces are too powerful for human nature.(ET controls nature).One has to be erased every time one encounters the Adam and Eve politics.(reincarnation),( each lifetime).

Many of the lessons likely to be on offer by life are likely to be found in the following chapters of the bible.

But some of the Bible has been altered, that referring to the gods ( ET,s) etc. Political changes for the system s well., i.e. the Romans, King Henry the 8th.


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