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YOURSELF? Yes undoubtedly.It differs for all people, as in the preceeding paragraph mentioned, religion or answers to onesself, differ from person to person, so, no path is fit for everyone.Each to their own, although the current state of the art in the world has a great deal of similarity to most,in respect of the work we are born into the world to do, at a given time.
Religion is not as is thought the dictation of the other side, but a buyers market, where its purpose, definition and meaning is founded.//i.e.in The World.This takes predominance of those things said to be of the other side, God and truth etc, is subserviant to the bread and butter of the world.
We are a Field Driving Hammer.
We are born do our thing in our incarnation according to the holistic arithmetic of human hature.In this school of life, if we work out our sums correctly, we shall discover our Field Driving Hammer.Our life work.
Of course we are prone to make mistakes and do many incarnations lives etc, to arrive at this,,and the better we are, maybe the more mistakes/temptations, we fall by.
The Buddha, is very close to the mark here in working this out.

The real point is, to the question to what is on the other side is , we ourselves, who have worked out the answer, delivering to the world the full force of our field driving hammer, teaching and slaying as we go.For this, the food that we earn, delivers the answer to the question why.And also provides the tools, and the way, for that particular indeviduals expression of his/her meaning.There is no such thing as Buddha or Christ, or New Age Science, as a way or answer.
Do Thy will.
Nothing is written in stone, except the wisdom, of maintaing natures rule of being economical with the materials that exist, including such fabric as Time and Space itself.
In a sense we are Cuckoos.

For me to clarify this arithmetical statement in Natures Mathematics School, by deliverring the sums, as would a teacher, would not be appropriate.
It would not be appropriate to teach the Truth,because this is not possible, currently.
So the full answer to the Question "What is on the Other Side", cannot be delivered, but one answer which is as good as any, is to say The world is on the other side , that only an imaginary fence separates these concepts.However, it you yourself that will be travelling repeatedly to and from the otherside, so , it would need to be you who finds this out by experience.

All seekers arrive to be Men or Woman of the World,.It is in fact a greater truth and accomplishment to the "Off The Wheel of Becoming",truth. especially nowadays.

But I must say,the buddaha is correct, that if we do understand the principals of nature arithmetic, we will indeed find ourselves taking a ride off the wheel of becoming, and back again for, the next sum.
Cultures and the current present-time situations determine what is a suitable answer at any give time, therefore no religion outside this framework can give an accurate answer.
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