The Bible.What Are The Gods Saying ?

  1. The gods are saying in the bible that the garden of eden is a paradise where  all you need are freely available,but after eating of the tree of knowledge this ends.That we have to work   for  our food etc. in exchange for them teaching us the knowledge outlined in genesis.The gods are still  indicating that they control nature, but we have to provide for ourselves.We have to work for nature, which ET controls, in return for them teaching us,so we may become as gods,knowing good and evil.
  2. In other words ET will not do anything for nothing.It cannot learn for us, and it has to make us do it for ourselves.
  3. It s also saying that the rules of nature say that you can only get out what you put in, nothing is for nothing.Where as originally we were not taking out anything from nature, so we didn't have to put anything back in.In the latter instance we are now eating from the tree  knowledge, taking out of nature, and therefore require to put payment in.The gods have the same rules, they cannot give us what is theirs.They can only give back to us that which we give to them in the same ammount but with increased knowledge,.This is only accomplished through life.We cannot learn outside life.This is the territory of death.

This is ET.


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