Even the gods have to work.

The original work as stated in genesis was farming.The tiller of the ground, cain, the keeper of sheep, Abel. The Hitites  were known to be the maker of pots and pans etc. There were other trades including musicians and soldiers. Also builders.

We are not working for anyone particular.We are working  for our nature requirements as said below. Money in other words. We are not working altruistically on a voluntary basis for the betterment of society and the community.Our life  belong to us, not the state or the system or to the community.

It is clearly stated in Genesis that in the beginning ,in the garden of eden, god delivered our needs and thereafter we had to toil and labour  to feed ourselves.

So ,we no longer get our food for nothing.People like to state that it is  human right to get our food free, or that god delivers,but this is not so.We have to earn it, by work. The gods work according to the rules and laws of nature and they are unable to feed us.We have to feed ourselves.

The bottom line of what is money is, food, and shelter, and this can only come from work.

When it comes to the barter system we are bartering our food and shelter.If we put the wrong priority on it we loose our food and shelter.As originally said ,we are bartering with the gods,for knowledge, as well.We could loose our food and shelter there as well, as in genesis, god said to Cain.


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