Science as a Religion.

Science is a religion.It attempts to discover and prove the truth of nature by verifiable information.Some scientists see science as proving God.It is an alternative approach to religion, to prove what is known by most people, as God.

But the gods do not want to give us the information of who they are.They are  in fact very criminally minded creatures from other stars and planets.They like to cover their tracks.They do not leave fingerprints of their activities.It is true that they know good and evil, as is said in the genesis chapter.

We have reached the stage where we have verifiable information of ET and have  the fingerprints of their criminal activities.We know about them, science has discovered what we mean by God.

ET will cover up the evidence of this eventually.ET, s are highly evolved, by nature.Their nature is bound to be bigger than ours with perfect knowledge of the light and dark forces of nature.They are certain to do a cover up on our ill-gotten knowledge eventually..They did so before in earths history. Atlantis, etc.

What they will allow  is for us to know our own human nature and our own selves, but not them.


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