Male-Female Nature.

Nature is male-female.It is not one or the other.Hermaphrodite is the word.Like a tree or plant.Man is male-female, not one or the other.Religions are about evolution , transcending to a higher plane  or dimension as the budhists say, freedom from the wheel of becoming, into nirvana.To escape the prison of the physical  nature.

To escape from nature is to learn the knowledge of ones 4 dimensional nature through life and then enjoy life in 5 dimensions, that is not governed by the physical confinement.To conquer the physical natural world.

This is conquering your self. Your own nature or mind.Through its male female nature.It is learned eventually that the male and  female being in the higher 5th dimension are not separated, as they are  in the 4th, lower dimension of our world.When the knowledge is finally complete after many incarnations it doesn't need to return to the physical dimension.This is evolution.

As it says in genesis we learn the knowledge through our  nature, Eve is taken out of Adams rib and eventually the nature returns.

It is just as much Eves rib as it is Adam,s.Both being part of the same nature.

It is written that on the path of knowledge the gods put enmity between Eve and Adam.The truth is that Eves nature forces/compels Adams nature out of it 4 dimensions into the next dimension and visa versa, with Adams effect by nature on Eve.They have been entangled in the higher dimension since the garden of eden .This is another way of saying they are  no friends of their physical dimension,and due to this higher connection the natural force is compelling against this world into the next.In other words , they are trying to kill each other, albeit by knowledge.

By the way there is nothing to say how many special dimensions are operating in nature, just because we only recognize a few.

If they were not erased and reincarnated by the "tree of life"-cycles, they would have to attain  in one big bang, they would physically kill each other.So male female is dangerous outside life, but not within life.

This is how it is for male-female nature.In other words there is no escape before its time from nature.Additionally, human nature does not always get captured by this male/female dichotomy.It is an alien mind phenomena.It requires a belief system implanted by alien cultures such as India,s Hindu culture or drug cultures of other countries.Although it is a correct nature arithemetic, it is only affecting the male/female pair bonding gene. (These politics arise because of activity outside life, such as drug use and cult religions).Most people in our society have a marriage culture that is not elevated to the highest position in terms of  human relationships. Human cultures that are correctly sighted are not dominated by this alien mind, as it has  been in Europe  and the west, except for drug and sub cultures.These politics arise because  of natures operating  outside of life ..It is now becoming infectious in our countries. Alien minds have now spread much will  fall to  third world situations or worse, by this.Maybe as it was in Noahs time is repeating.


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