DNA and You.

Science does confidently say that who you are is contained in your DNA, that they can reproduce/grow you from a sample of your DNA and it will be You , in its completeness.

This hard to believe for the religious people and followers of the world religions, but it might be true.Proving, in that case, that we are a physical electro chemical creation.A electro chemical reaction.

My reply to this knowledge, if it is correct, is that there is nothing to prevent nature restricting itself to a physical dimension.It can extend into other dimensions, and thereby connect consciousness if the chemistry of the DNA is ingenious enough.

By the same argument  a Replicator with a DNA blueprint could materialize a human being, teleport it  or transport it, which would explain some of the religious miracles, and also Alien kidnaps to other stars.It could be that the physical dimension is interchangeable with a non physical dimension.

Matter/mass and energy are interchangeable.Maybe it goes further than that.


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