Otherside Politics.The Bible Explained.

Barclay James Harvest sang,

 " If you wanna see God, you got to move on the other side....."

Otherside politics ,resulting from Adam and Eve,s  tree of knowledge and tree of life,lead to death and rebirth. They are responsible for  good and  evil. Jesus  with Mary was supposed to have demonstrated mastery of these two forces of his nature, whereby  they lead to death. But not rebirth, a transfer of life to the otherside.The same with Rhada-Krisna and Budha.

This is Adam and Eve politics of our nature.Life,s answer to the fall from the garden of eden,to become like the gods.


People try to construct short cuts to get back to the garden, such as drugs and religious cults, and kriya yoga, but there are no short cuts.


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