Dissecting Genesis Chapter.

It is stated by Eve in genesis that her children Cain, Abel and Seth are coming from God.More correctly,the proper translation from the Hebrew is from "the gods",not from Adam and herself.As we go through the generations of the bible and chapters it should be noted that these offspring are coming from the gods.The generations to this day are sons and daughters of the gods, not of our parents

This should be noted.

Another point is that the offspring are not of their original Adam and Eve natures, they are brothers, in the case of Cain and Abel,of a family politic. Their female politic being a common shared mother, as we understand nowadays from our own families.Not Eve.In other words they are blind to their original nature in this incarnation.They are not their genuine self. A certain amount of deception  at play.As said their real parents are not Adam and Eve, they are from the gods. 

But as families are, as we are nowadays as well , the way we see things is that these are our parents and this is our genuine and true nature within that familly.But this  it is not the case .There is a certain  amount of deception at play. They are blind to their original Adam and Eve nature.

So what it is that these offspring are seeing is a distortion of the truth.They are not seeing the face of the gods.

Now when Cain is told off by the gods  fro not doing well in the field and Abel is praised, Cain "rose up" and slew Abel.What does it mean "rose up"?People do not kill for nothing.There must have been something going on.My view is tha cain is disturbed about something.he has been lied to.Who by ?Abel? the gods ?

It seem to me that because the god has said that sin  is at the door of Cain,  (meaning what ? his eve nature creeping into his psych ?),god has lied to him.Having praised Abel falsely  whereby Cain can see this is a lie, god is saying and praising Abels female psych, which is his Eve nature.( you have to  rememember they share the same female,their mother, so god is playing two games at the same time with Cain   and Abel.) These incarnations have a false reality, but the gods do not. The gods are dangerous.Cain is lied to, so he  targets Abel to lie back to.Killing Abel is Cain,s lie to him.

The result of this episode is that both Cain and Abel are lied to. By who ? 

My view is that gods nature has activity this.

When god finds out he says to Cain that he is vast out from the earth and hidden from the face of god.Implying to a certain extent that Abels is not hidden from the face of god. i.e can see clearly.But both of them are blind to their own original  nature, so both do not see the face of god.

So in the first chapter, we can see that both are killed by the lie.In other words their incarnation is a lie.The tree of life is delivering a falsification of reality.Every incarnation shall activate the face of god, their original nature, and deliver death.

It cannot be denied that these births are nothing less than an accident waiting to happen.And this is still the case today, and throughout the generations.Life is unavailable by the tree of life.It is the gods that own the life.Not us.

We do not live.We are born dead.

All this can be inferred from the text that is written in Genesis, as a logical argument.

Futher information that can be deduced from this chapter about Cain and Abel, the first generation is as follows.They start with a life of farming in the wide big outside world and end up  changing the formula to  a life within.Inner life.Cain builds a city,Enoch,after being thrown off the earth and from the face of god.This is indicating a choice of inner dwelling space.It must be the case , because they would not find their original nature  outside, they are not sighted in a second generation.Only in a first generation ,to the face of god.they would have to look within for self knowledge,instead of the life outside , keeping sheep and tilling the ground.It may be saying that farming was left behind.,as a priority at this point.For Cain it was it seems.He went and built the first city. It would be saying that cities came into being for a reason, and are of intelligent design to enable man to find self knowledge by looking within.They are supposed to be.

Many would have thought that city life is unnatural and not meant to be.we are not meant live outside , we are meant to live within.Is why we build strong houses.

It goes  show how much information is jam packed into every word of this scripture.

If you read all my articles coming from the study of the first chapter of the Bible.


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