Secular and Religious Falsifcation.

The western religion and its scriptures and texts have been misinterpreted at least from the time of Christianity,s introduction.Also it has found it way into the secular argument and used to govern society.It has given rise to the western culture which has been nothing but a religious crusade with a secular coating for 2000 years.

But it is a total distortion of truth and knowledge.It bears no resemblance to that which it claims to represent i.e. truth and god,law and justice. It also bears no resemblance to secular government.It has justified a war machine to murder half the world with what turns out to be a dangerous schizophrenic collective mind.

If correctly interpreted the old scriptures and texts are profound truths of nature.But they have not been translated,interpreted or understood properly.This includes the new testament and also Moses.

Most of these ancient texts have 9 levels of understanding encrypted into the language..Our understanding even corrupts the first,surface level of this understanding. 

Our religion, Chirstianity arose out of a  corrupted ,rotten ,fallen , third world state, called Rome, who cherry picked its content and put together distorted translations of older texts.The Dead Sea Scrolls and Gnostic scriptures paint a totally differrant Bible religion.Also the old books that were rejected from the old and new Testaments, i.e Enoch, Magdalene, etc,

They have cornered these ancient writings into being presented as the label of "Religion" and "God", of which really there is no such thing.

World wide myths and legends , when looked at with our newly acquired knowledge, are seen to  contain a vast amount of knowledge that exceed even what we know today.This includes the abillity to build intersteller space vehicles.Many other ancient writings.

They refer to the "gods" and ET.Knowledge and  evolution through nature and natural sciences, not only for our species , but for all species.


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