Genetic Alterations.

ET has been altering our DNA for a long time, and speeded up our evolution.

But It still takes a long time and is not an overnight process as many people imagine genetic alteration to be.

The mechanics of genetic alteration can be seen as follows.

Alteration of mans genome to remove the killing behaviour.

This is being done by selective breading,asnon violence is dictated by law.

As mentioned in Genesis as Cain and Abel.Those that kill are rejected.Those thatfind an alternative path to this genetic predisposition are rewarded.

Yet man is still a prolific killer. It takes a long time.

Mans has already been genetically altered a long time ago, so that he cannot kill.

All killings done by military etc for many  years are a result of schizophrenia.Schizopohrenia does not breed successfully.

Man falsifies a reason to kill usually in the name of defence or self defence.If closely looked at this argument is floored by nature intelligence.It is motivated by fear of death, which is a human is not justified or backed up by nature intelligence.

All wars are started by some horrific false flag that is needed to provoke a schizophrenic reaction,and justify a schizophrenic conflict.

That includes the wars against terrorists, schizophrenics and ET.


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