Smart Grid and the Bible.

The smart Grid began at the dawn of civilization, with the advent of farming and cities.This is described in genesis by Cain and Abel,s tilling of the ground and keeping of sheep.Cains first son,in the Land of Nod, East of Eden , building the first city, Enoch.

The software has been continually updated since then to arrive at what we have today.A simplified version of Smart Grid Mechanics, the Digital System.

This has happened by a natural logarithmic progression.


If we wish to be free, we must escape from the "Computer".It is our prison.

Firstly it controls our food and social network.

And everything else.

It is like the mind in that it has doors that need to be opened to gain freedom.

It also has doors which close  on us and add to our imprisonment.

It will select the choosen ones.Self Select.

It demand literacy.Science and Mathematics.


As said in the first chapter of the Bible.

It is very clearly a case of Adam and Eve and the tree of knowledge and Life.

Not to mention Cain and Abel.

If you follow this logic through, it means that we have needed to escape from the"Smart Grid" always, from the dawn of civilization.From imprisonment and captivity.

You have to remember , not long after Cain and Abel, came total disorder and unrighteousness that resulted in total destruction being necessary , by The Flood.

Its always been the same.


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