Jesus Knew.

If the story of Jesus is true, he would definitely have known the correct scriptures and texts from Hebrew sources.He would have known such content that we now know from the Dead Sea Scrolls and other old writings.

Although the 4 books of the new testament are full of knowledge,there is nothing whatsoever to equal content of other ancient Hebrew texts as mentioned.The New Testament is seriously floored.

It is true the New Testament was put together a couple of hundred years AD by the Romans, and that the four books were chosen out of many, so many books and writings of witnesses were omitted.The Gnostic writings to my mind confirm that Magdalene was his lover,but not all will agree with that.It fits so well with other bits of information as well as bits of information that are omitted.She did also have the biggest church and ministry after his death than any other disciple.there is a direct witness account in the Gnostic scriptures too.

But in the light of new knowledge you have to ask serious questions about the new Testament, as well as the old.

One explanation is that it has been corrupted and altered.

For such a big story in broad daylight in  history, and so well documented and witnessed, with such precise spiritual teachings, one would assume that plenty of other details would have been available.But the surprising thing is that they are not.

The surprising thing is there is absolutely no concrete evidence that Jesus ever existed.He was as well known as every Roman commander and politician of the day.Apparantly his birth and family line all the way back to Adam.It seems that there is no mention of things outside of a certain  agenda.They have erased the evidence, obviously.Men in Black? I don't think many would dispute that after he rose from the dead it is written that he ascended up into a spacecraft and on his way back home from where he came from.

I have come across very wise and enlightened men though, who claim that he never really existed.

From what learned about ET evidence and Men in Black,they  would erase ALL ET fingerprints from the scene.So it still makes sense a Jesus without proof.

By the way, Men in Black exist where ever ET does, even 2,000 years ago.

If you were to ask , how do you explain the old tales of angels and chariots  and ET phenomena in the past and as mentioned in The Dead Sea Scrolls, I would say, it is because they have the capability to Blind by the Light.


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