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Not in their day. But "Things as They Are" is the way to see it.A few thousand years later, changes the culture and nature sums that are relavant to us.They would not work even if correctly implemented , in this present time, although they are quite good.The reason they were delivered to the world was to encourage a set of Hatha rules so as to make paths of metaphysics safe to follow.But they have never been very well understood, and are not for everybody.
As for Cults that exist, especially delivering shortcuts and drugs etc, these are complete who-do-bullshit disasters.
As far as it goes for the human race, in terms of a religion, one does not exist at the moment. This is inclusive of the New Age Science.
As for the likelihood of implimenting one, It would be very difficult.
The meaning of religion is not "The Way" or "The Truth". It means something differrent. It meant what it said. God. This is something quite different, and modern knowledge understands that this is not a human thing, and unsuitable for us. As far as "The Way" goes or "The Truth", that we desire, this also has a bleak outlook, if not for all, at least for many. It cannot however be put-up as a " Religion", which means something completely differrent.
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