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December 11th, 2018

I do not write the following lightly,or without very careful consideration.Neither is this knowledge available to even those of profound spiritual enlightenments.In fact it is not very likely that you would hear from anyone else, who had learnt this by personal experience,and the hand of fate,because it is not possible to get back from these spaces to tell the tale, under normal circumstances.However similar views have been mentioned, albeit by guesswork and blind faith in their saviour. worthings.
The major avatars and religious figureheads given to the world are within the five major religions basically, the Budhas,Rhadakrisnas and Christs. I have lisetnned to Jordon Maxwell on the internet, and agrre with muchof what he says not only In regard to the historical authenticity of Jesus Christ.It may well be that these figures never really existed and that it would not alter the menaing and the purpose if this was so.it wouldn't matter.In this I agree.In fact you could get a more perfect teaching and religion if your pen had the freedom to deliver perefection.In the story of jesus, it seems that it is so perfect, that this could only come about in such a way.So maybe.It wouldn't make any difference.
The real point of this article, is to discredit the religions, basically as being impossible to achieve.As fraudulent,therefore.I would say this is the case in practice, but perhaps not in theory.in theory.Which is why it may be more possible to invent a religion that to deliver one for real.

It has recently been claimed,particularely by the information explosion on the internet,that fallen angels proliferate all past and present religious paths and doctrines going back for centuries, if not more, encompassing the entirety of the eastern budhas ,yogis etc.many are claiming that thesaviour Jesus Christ is the one and only path, the supreme religion and saviour, including the fallen Budhas and yogis and Maitrayas of the East.Included also in this are ET,s and gods of the early bible and mythical legends of our past.In fact the whole lot of the suopernature that has gone before.I do not neccessarilly agree that Jesus Christ is the one remaining true saviour.It may be that there are none.

That religion does not deliver.
All religions present a method or a system of nature that enables a transcendence to your higher self, a paradise or Utopia, in time by following its disciplines.it is offering a method to reach the end point of your evolution by this nature method.A short cut.A fiddle, basically.
Its asumptions are based on its choice of a male and female nature model.This is in the case with all the religions and yoga,s, East and West.Christ roots are in his Adam and Eve, Budhas,yogis and eastern religions have a system based on the divine mother or Rhadakrisna.
But this is fraudulent.Evolution is the natural religion because it is based on the entire species for its nature, not an arbitrary unit of a male and a female.
Therefore it can be seen that we have been delivered a fiddle that is a shortcut, much the same as the drug trade is.It therefore has to serve humanity when it gets to transcend.It now says,"the fullfilment of the kingdom of God" i.e for everyone.The realization is now seen to be a collection of fallen angels.
Likewise for science when it leaves its secular status and becomes a religion or cult.

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