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December 12th, 2018

Both Worlds

In the beginning Adam and Eve saw the world through rose coloured specs.They had the best of both worlds, but they were still in the world.So after the fall they were both trying to recover both worlds.This is the normal story for people.
But the "both worlds" in the beginning and the "both worlds" in the end are not the same.The knowledge has been done of "the world",(or nature),although it is still "both worlds",but from a differrant viewpoint.No longer is your requirement to gain knowledge, which changes your program.Your nature has been transcended,but the bigger nature of reality has not.
Return to original nature, enables one to see.From the beginning duality and conflict arises because of this lack of sight.Cain and Abel offer the two paths that are sighted.Sight is what is meant when referring to the face of god(s).The creation to so many people is cited as proof of a creator or god.It is considered the face of god./i>

The Origin of God

The very word God is a misnomer.The scriptures refer to the gods, which refers to enlightenned or super nature beings in the plural.
The word we have cometo know as God,is derived from a word in the ancient Germanic language which meant Good.God by nature and definition is good and evil,as stated in the metaphysics.The shift in empahasis with the scritures is evident everywhere.Firstly,covering up the females significanceand secondlyto deny the existance of anything uncomfortable,namely evil.
It is logically concluded thatgood can achieve anything that evil can ,and although this is true at the highest level, not so,for ordinary mortal beings.Therefore the idea that "Godis good"is not wrong,but only half the story.
So language has twisted the meaning to fit in with a societies comfort zone, and not the truth.This is the case with all languages.Originally languages meant what they said.

Who You Are.

Nature is carved up into arbitrary units,although perhaps this was not always the case.Who you are is governed by your identity ranging from parentsand family ,to others in your environment and the environment itself.Also,especially your partner.But none of these identities are thetruthof who you are, nor is your exact copy of your DNA.The Adam and Eve story, likewise, is not who you are.
The very interesting thing about the scientists dodgy story,your DNA being who you are,does not explain male female.It doesn't explain environment.
It doesn't explain the source or origin.
It is a floored argument.Their clones are not acceptable.

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