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February 9th, 2019

The Truth.

Interpreting religion from the bible.There is no such thing as god.There is no mention of love either.It refers to Knowledge and to the "gods".
He who has seen the face of god and lived is unusual.It says that also one cannot live after seeing the face of god.The face of god was hidden after the fall from the garden.The budhists say that enlightennment takes many many lifetimes.It takes many many lifetimes to process the information in the mind if having seen the face of god.Therefore one cannot live after seeing the face of god.Drug users cannot live.Drug paths are a false path.God is knowledge.That is what it says.Nature knowledge of light and dark.Of yourself.

University and science knowledge is not knowledge it is information.It doesnt give you the source code of knowledge, which is within yourself.These people are on a false path also.They cannot live either.Information does not lead to knowledge.Knowledge does lead to information.Knowledge is gained through natural experience.
Those who study and collect a great deal of information such as scientists cannot process what they know and therefore are mentally disordered.A blockage results which prevents the brain functioning.The blockage has to be removed,as in other mental disorder,before they regain the abillity to see again.High IQ people that are creamed off by the government for education are in fact very ignorant human beings.Also they are dangerous.

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