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June 11th, 2019

The End Of The World

This is a common and classic condition or psychology to man.It is a recorded experience throughout history.Those who have experienced this psychology or mental condition will understand.It is immediately connected to the revelations discription in the bible and often taken literally,as a physical destruction of everything in nature and the world,a subjective experience to that indevidual.It can be compared to mental or nervous breakdown or a schizophrenia.It is often described in religions.The revelations account includes within the total picture,the breakdown of this world and the introduction of a new higher world.This is the full story.
The truth of this matter is actually a total nervous breakdown,it does result in erasing of the persons experiences of the world that he has collected from birth,leaving behind a subconcious experience of that which lies beyond.Another world.There is absolutely no evidence left of the former world experience.
Our world doesnt exist,outside ourself as we think, but is a collection of experiences that we build into a picture or construct within our mind.We believe it is a physical concrete construct and it is these beliefs and constructs that are broken down,destroyed.This experience is real,assuming the person concerned is real.It is their self,and the self that is metamorphosed into by this experience is also real, but of a higher reality or world.Another world.There are many worlds,not just the one we know.
In the new age with current disclsures regarding the many civilizations that are visting this planet earth, the nature of these other civilzations is beginning to be understood.They are civilizations like us from stars with orbiting planets and moons etc and constitue a differant world.Because of the very advanced nature of some of these beings and civilizations,some of these worlds are Utopian, or paradise to us..Higher beings have always interacted with us at a subconcious level.Although we may not know it, they are always working in our world.Angels and gods are real.They come from different worlds and this common experience we have is an alien way of taking us to one of their worlds.An alien kidnap or abduction type phenomena or psychology.These beings are ingenious beyond our understanding and also very natural.They employ numerous differnt abduction techniques and this is one of them.Believe it or not they even abduct other animals,take them home to their world.This they like to do.
Although this born again new world person may not be able to deliver evidence and proof,he has in fact being subject to an Alien or ET experience.It is a religious experience in retrospect but doesnt seem so at the time,because it is not a pleasant journey initially.Visons and religious experiences have similarities to an "end of the world experience".Encounters with "god" through visions etc. are alien conatact/experiences.
This puts into place much of the Bible,s description in Revelations but further explanation should be added.You could ask where man came up with this idea of "God"It is used to explain and put a label on that which he cant understand,in a simple three letter word.The Unknown.
It is not understood by many that some civilizations are so highly evolved that the word "God" is a very appropriate descriptions.They do have the power to manifest bible miracles and this includes the creation story.A vison or contact with one of these beings would could only be described as seeing god.But they are not god.They are masters of the universe.
The correct translation and undestanding in our bible is not "God" but "gods".
It has been misspelt and mistranslated.We are doing the knowledge to become as gods.Masters of the Universe.These are ET,s or Aliens.So are we,but less advanced or evolved.
Therefore what it is saying in the Revelations chapter of the bible is that we are going to be taken to another world,either individually or collectively.That masters of the Universe or an advanced civilization is going to colonize our world,earth.Spacemen are coming.Eric Von Danikan was right.
They will erase the old world.There will be no proof or evidence.

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