July 21st, 2019

Are You Stiched Up on The Other Side ?

Whether you be a man or woman,are you stiched up on the other side struggling to get free of the catch 22 it delivers ? Original nature is well described in Genesis.It comes on top for everybody and the blindness has afflicted mankind since the beginning.Humanity is fumbling about in the dark and has never known what it is doing.It hasnt got a clue,never has.This is the human condition.It is a wonder we can even feed ourselves.It is a case of the blind leading the blind.
If you ever get back to dry land use your sight wisely.Dont make the same mistake.But you surely will.We are prisoners of nature.Allbeit,our own nature.

What Is the Bible ?

The bible may be many things.It may be a history book,it may be a religion,it may be a psychology book,it may be the real living word of god.
But the also it is a piece of paper.It is a knowledge as with Adam and Eve.It is also a knowledge with its Jesus Christ,Devil,Satan,Antichrist and god or gods,
A knowledge.A peice of paper.

Cain. The Story has never been Told

This is a Tabboo of the Bible.By definition it cannot be understood,because the knowledge is still to be learned.Cain represents the left path and Abel the right path.We would have a good idea that this is the case,but killing in this way is taboo.Is the knowldge of good and evil is this?
God said to Cain that sin lies at the door.Having slain Abel and moved from Cainan to Nod,he marries and then the city of Enoch is built,signifying a different path The inner life of a city.From the open face of God to the hidden face of god.It is still god, so their are two truths,not just one.The meaning being that the path of good and evil are represented by life and death, light and dark, right and left.This would be the clear cut meaning in Genesis.It seems that this is meant to be.Physical mortality.Not a mistake.
The meaning is very much in the eye of the beholder to put their own interpretation onto what is good and what is evil.Clearly the concience is the arbitrator and decider.So it is with the source of good and evil, original sin.Concience decides what is good and what is evil.This chapter is insinuating that Cain is not correct,not only to kill,but to sin.Original sin is the source meaning.So he goes the other path.Mortality is tacitly supported,but it does not admit it.It therefore redirects onto the concience of Cain to resolve this.Originla sin is redirected onto the concience of Adam and Eve to resolve.It tacitly approves, therefore of sin and death thereof.It dictates both paths,that of good and of evil.But it does not define what the knowledges of good or evil are.It is not outlawing evil or making it taboo,as we are conditioned to believe.It supports both paths equally.But it does not define what is good or what is evil,this is left to us to find out.It leaves it to our concience to decide,no one else.Our mind belongs to us and our concience.We can remain blind and not accept this if we wish.The reason mortality exists is that we need to return into time to learn these truths.(through reincarnations).
There is a great verse in the Bahgavad Gita which says nature compels,so you have to take the path willingly or unwillingly.
It is the same here.It is not only Cain that nature compels to kill Abel,it also compels Abel to kill Cain.But the solution is not arrived at physically.It is solved at a higher level.This is the same for original sin.Nature also compels this.The solution to the problem of resulting death and rebirth is arrived at at a higher level.This needs the knowledge,through experience.