January 10th, 2020

Whistleblowing the Kingdom Within

Once the subconcious realms are learned by the concious they are written into the code."The Kingdonm is Within",, this means inner space.
In the modern day our technology is very far into inner space, even the TV is showing the inner workings of an atom i.e electrons, electro- magnetics etc.therefore when you see a film on TV your mind is not seeing the people on the screen.What is really going on here is in the subconcious mind, which is unknowingly having to process this advanced information.This is the same with music on the radio or any of our gadgets.To put it in a nutshell you are processing inner space knowledge of self.Openning doors within.The full strength and meaning of technology is as a tool to open inner doors.To learn these inner knowledges conciously,so as to include them in our code.
Therefore science is openning and teaching us the doors and pathways though the subconcious,or unknown.It is unifying our outer space with our inner space and time.Self knowledge.
The modern day technogy is now of age and is nothing less than hole in the universe.From our dimension into the next.This is what is going on when you use this technology.A dimensional shift.It doesnt require drugs and music to move through inmner space necessarily.Any science will take you through inner space.Even the science of constructing you PC or mobile is straight there.