Nature is multidimensionals.As many dimensions as you are capable of imagining or envisaging.This is probably not too many in most peoples case.We are locked into 4 dimensions, one of time and three of space,Time is another dimension  of space that has been "converted" into a time dimension.Our natural  biological time cycle is the 24 hour cycle of earth/sun and 28 day moon cycle. We can unlock our 4 dimensional imprisonment by this natural time cycle.It integrates our natural biological time clock with natures dimensions.Time will ,under this set of rules, will fall back to an inner space dimension which puts us into harmony therefore with four spacial dimensions , instead of three.Instead of being time and space we are  now space in four dimensions.This is who we are. ( Note: Time is Space).

Space.By these four dimensions in our natural biological environment we can see beyond the imprisonment of the solar body (sun), in terms of space, by the innerspace dimension.This dimension is higher than the other three special dimensions.We have become cosmic.

Having mastered the inner dimension, we can dispense of these four spaces for the next dimension ,which is higher.Albeit in our natural biological environment.This would be the fith special dimension.

Once the biological machine has mastered its four dimensions, by nature,it will no longer need them.It will evolve into a higher dimensional being.

Note 1:

It is more readily acceptable by many to say we are "Eternity and Infinity" when we say we are Space or/and Time.


Quantum mechanics is outside conventional Time/Space.

therefore I have made a note in my https://hamishscience.livejournal.com

page on this. 


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