Bibles View of Mankind,s Nature.

In the beginning of Genesis it is saying that the human species is built out of a Male-Female creature, that is called Man.Then smallest unit and original unit of human nature.

The rest of the knowledge of who we are is built on this premise.

But is not safe to say "whom we are "from this premise, because this is not our real original nature as we evolved genetically,( perhaps as   a familly unit or tribe).This is who we are as dictated to us by another species, a different nature form our own.The quest to overcome our fall in the garden of Eden is the quest for knowledge, as said.It may mean self realization and self knowledge, but it explains this is the knowledge to become like "gods".So, is it saying god realization ( and god knowledge)? Or is it saying self realization( and human knowledge)?Evolution as a human or evolution to another species.It is debatable because we have been removed from our original natural genetic evolution.

So therefore religion ,self realization,truth and knowledge to explain the nature  of reality, is an uncertainty to us.We are not going to know who we  are, we are going to know who someone else is.(ET).So may be we are on a path to NOT KNOW who we are., self in-realization, not the truth.

But It seems that this description of human nature being built from basic Male-Female units, is wrong.The human species identifies with many more units of from nature than that.For instance in tribal or family or community relationships, children,grandparents, brothers, sisters etc,many interconnections are equired to know himself.Also he identifyies with the world around him, sky , sun, moon trees , wild life, food gathering etc.This warrior unit of male female, jesus-mary, radhakrisna, mother-child, wife-husband, adam-eve etc, is rubbish as a definition of who you are, and even worse as a description of religion and truth.It is clearly a case of hijacking the pair bonding gene and using it to deliver death, (which is what god and religion are),rather than for the healthy, lifelong continuation of the species reasons.

The Genesis description of mans nature is ridiculous, and also that this is original nature, (common terminology in religions), is not OK either.

So therefore self realization , truth, knowledge and religion does not stand the up to the test when examined like this.Neither does Mans own description of who he is.

The logical conclusion to this logic is that modern man is a lost species.Extinct

and is in the process of being recycled into nature.

This agrees with ET intelligence information.

We have been altered genetically and are still in the process of being genetically altered .We are no longer the planet earth creature we were designated to be originally.

Budhist views are interesting on these points.Firstly they are basically non-committal on the question of whether or not there is a God.

The fact of reincarnation to almost any other nationality or species, and an evolutionary path of reincarnation into other species on other planets, of a higher or lower nature is fundamental to all budhist doctrine.Also Hindhu doctrine.

This may easily be the facts of the matter and the way nature works, but I would say that this is because our nature is no longer controlled by us as a species as it was originally.Originally this was not the case.

Self is truth for any life form.But with humans we are not "self".We have added componants from ET.



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