ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,


EVERY INTERESTED RELIGIOUS ZEALOT I HAVE EVER COME ACCROSS,preaches this. Even the Buddhist philosophy itself prospects its customers on this principal ,that they can buy Utopia or Paradise.Even Christ Himselfdid this. This is a bit fishy in my opinion. The drugs trade and music thing of our age does the same thing.The similarity to money and religion is amazing.This is definately the wrong approach.
God says nothing more than , "Give me the Money and I Will Spend it Wisely."
It is a non-arguement, The one about money and "To Ceasar, what belongs to Ceasar, and to God,What belongs To God".
Yes the whole arguement is very much based on , More money, and politice easily demonstrate this. It is a lie, and non-viable, when looked at this way,, most of the religious ideas.
As said previously the worlds arguement and practical common sense of food on the table, is the winning arguement.
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