Genesis Code.

The Bible is a book of our nature.

Genesis is the source code of the holy bible.It is the key to everything that follows.It is not emphasised that it is the source code that the new testament is built on , but quite simply, it is.Like any source code it is very simple, once you have the formula the rest slots into place perfectly.Total Knowledge.

Original sin is the key to everything that follows.Life, death and all other sins follow, and knowledge.It is the root of our nature.

Death results from original sin, rebirth follows , where original sin repeats itself, but in a new situation where the face of god is hidden.This allows reincarnation to be possible, because the original situation is not revisited, and allows therefore the possibility of the sin to be repeated, and thus life can continue,(in ignorance but not in knowledge).

The story repeats through life and death until it s learned by experience that life is death , death is life, light is dark, dark is light. i.e good is evil and evil is good.By nature.

The face of God is total knowledge.It is quite simply, death.It is visible by total innocence or total knowledge.

Original sin is rooted in time, in a backward direction not in a forward direction.The budhists advocate to stop time and jump off the wheel of life.

You can stop time and erase, cancel the original sin and start again.Pick up the pieces and go round again.This advocated by the drug trade.But quite seriously these are not natural paths, and they come on top.Death is nature.Psychiatric institutions are a total disaster with their psychotropic medication for the psychopathic disorder that follows original sin.

Inteligent people might say a life of occupation may eventually deliver the rebirth for a new life.

Genesis is referring to the forces that exist in nature.These are generated by the male/female configuration that is encoded into the genome and  governed by the outer environmental situation. i.e the secular environment.


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