The 2nd coming.

Is it a load of nonsense or not ?

There is a very good case to say it is a complete load of nonsense .

It is possible,however for these incarnations to bring themselves back into the world.

If the Maitraiya is a fully enlightened human avatar would he be giving anything away for free?

He could give unenlightenment to the unenlightened and enlightenment to the enlightened.

So what is on offer ? Nothing that is not already there.He could carry on his teaching, if the followers could afford to travel the path.His teachings have already been delivered.

I don't think it could offer an easy ride , if a Maitraiya did reincarnate as a world leader.

It could do.Nothing would be able to stop it.

Logically and holistically these Hindus and Christians and Jehova,s witness,s who put there money on a 2nd coming are onto a dead cert in terms of mathematical ability.But the proof of the pudding is whether or not it happens.

It is possible, if their man keeps to his word.It might not give them an easy ride, though.


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