The End of The World.

This is a universal concept, not just in religions such as Christianity. Revelations details the idea very well.It is , when all said and done, death.But it is  death with a difference.It is a mega-super-death.It has to be processed by us psychologically, as does the journey through a schizophrenia.Their are similarities.It is an ET nature phenomena/death.It is the removal of this world which is replacement by another world.There is a light at the end of the tunnel.The coming of the new is a natural killing and slaughter by ET of a human being.A removal into another world, just like it says on the tin.But this new world is another star system and planetary civilization.

In fine art terminology it could be describes as  opening a portal in time and space for travel to another star system/civilization,a physical/natural transition into another dimension.

Nature is system of reality that spans many dimensions and living beings and life forms exist in all dimensions, knowing their right and proper locations in the order of reality.There is not neccessarily a dividing line or locked doors between various dimensions.

As man  extends himself through experience he evolves to higher nature.Space dimensions are what it is all about.Nature is space.Space consists of innumerable dimensions.This is the nature of reality,(by nature).God.

Even time is made from a spacial dimension.Everything that exists comes from spacial dimension.

The forces are too powerful to comprehend and much to dangerous to encounter without evolution by natural means. 

The idea that much of mankind has,, that reality is contained in a 3-D world,, is considered as extreme ignorance by beings who have been turned onto innerspace, the infinite.This awareness delivers a quantum leap to the human intelligence.

Beings more advanced than us do not live in a 3 dimensional world.

Although the universe is teaming with these advanced life forms, they don't actually live in the universe as we know it.They live beyond , in another dimension.They have evolved out of the prison of the universe.(infinity within).They master our physical universe as well.

There are civilizations built in other dimensions as we have tried to build ours in 4 dimensions.Technology doesn't have to be confined to 3D.There is also 4,5 etc. dimensional technology as well,(science).Beings living in higher dimesnsions can build in higher technology.In fact it is the norm and we are the retarded ones.It has to be concealed and hidden from us for our own safety.It is said that curiosity kills the cat, and this is more than true.So advanced is what goes on behind the scene that it would dstroy us if we were to catch a glimpse of these worlds and their technology.It is beyond what is described by whisleblowers testimonials and other worlds and alien activity.One would not recover from contact.

I myself am lucky.My advice to anybody looking at this subject, would be to try, if you possibly can, to loose interest in it.


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