Mathematics of Time and Space.

In our world we except 3 dimensions as the reality the mathematical certainty and the golden rule without questioning.We dismiss uncomfortable questions as to what lies beyond.Even at college and school, we don't get to grips with the meaning of infinity in our mathematical formulas.These uncomfortable questions have always been avoided.But you cannot define our mathematics and our 3 dimensional world without creating some other concept to answer what lies outside these limits.But we cannot prove it with 3 d formulas.To define we need to add the concept of Infinity and also Eternity.So 3 dimensional space eventually can only be defined by 4 dimensional space and Time by 5 dimensional space.

So it can be seen that an open door exists between all dimensions, reality is not contained in in any one dimension but all.

An interesting observation in connection to this is that idea introduced by  Hawkins Black Hole work.The singularity, and the mathematical model of time/space /forces and matter.The unified field formula.Most people when looking at extreme gravity reducing matter to a point, creates the idea that somehow space itself has a door which extreme forces can break down.The proper way to see this is that the Universe has an open door that you can simply walk through,to the other side of space/time.It is not a door that needs to be knocked down, you would not be able to get through in that way.It is a question of knowledge of( time and) space..The key.

What can be deduced logically from this chain of thought is that all knowledge can be achieved by knowledge of space.That we could have had an alternative path rather than  the scientific one we have choosen to evolve to an advanced technology.

We didn't have to look inside the atom.We could have gained the knowledge in another way.(naturally).

We didn't have to smash down the door.It was already open.


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