ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Time Can Change The Nature of Reality.

Reality in Time is different to reality outside of Time.

By the way space really is Infinite.Infinity really exists.Measurements were taken to see if light curved at long distances across the Universe.It did not.Thus proving that space is not curved around on itself , that it goes on forver into infinity.Therefore inner and outer space are the same thing.Four dimensions,not three.

Also, get this.Space is a living thing. It is itself.It has conciousness.So does Time.They are self aware.

Straighten your science.The smallest particle that can exist is the Atom.Anything smaller(sub-atomic partices), are not particles.They are electromagnetic fields,(fields).Inner space and time,not outer.
Inner space is Infinity, as said,so atoms are not as small as you thought.

Reality is particles space,time and fields.We didnt have to look inside the atom, We could have found the knowlege of space,time and fields, elsewhere in our natural world.
We took the wrong path in our science a few hundred years ago, and have to pay the price.

Living beings do not live in the three spacial and one time dimensional world.Nature includes the dimensions of infinity,eternity and the sciences thereof.
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