ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Genetics versus Experience and Knowledge.

What and who you are genetically is contradictory to the knowledge of who you are by experience of life.Nature is in conflict with reality.Nature is locked into time of a biological and cosmic nature and by this mechanism, the differances make sense, because the contradiction lie outside of  time.If our genome is ever changing,we could never discover the truth of who or what we are, or what we were or what we will be, as a species, or as an individual.

Geneticists may say you are your DNA, but this does not determine who your were or will be in the future, if your DNA undergoes changes through reincarnation.It may answer the question in  time but not outside time or where time does not exist.Adam and Eve may expain the nature of the human species, but a question everybody wants to know is, "who is the correct Eve or Adam ?"Original nature could never be determined genetically.To answer the big questions they have to change the nature of reality.This is not what people want.As with the  current standard model of theoretical physics, what is asked for is something you can touch and put in your pocket.
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