ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Knowledge Virus

What happens when a computer comes across a piece of information in a program that it cannot process ? It fouls up the works.It breaks down.The brain is the same.It causes a blockage.Sight and vison is impaired.In the beginning in inocence we could see and after introducing the tree of knowledge we became blind, until our "computer" gains the knowledge required to remove the blockage.
Adam and Eve.This is a computer virus introduced into the human.It is a knowledge virus
It does not come from the human species and there is no cure because it is death.
The human species has been killed.
Therefore we tend to be religious towards the gods,who dominate that realm.
The full meaning of this story is that we have lost outer space territory.This is why Cain kills Abel and moves out of Canan, where his son, Enoch, builds the first city , so as to begin a civilization that is within, rather than without.The species having lost its territory.
Genesis describes it as having lost the face of god, or as I put it , the face of nature,(same thing).
We have been sent to prison until the end of our evolution,(knowledge),when we may, if we wish, regain our nature,alongside other citizens of the Universe.
Why it gives us free will,which it does, as all rivers run to the sea and paths lead to the same place.Nature mathematics doesnt change, it teaches by trial and error.
The struggle goes on to turn our eye inwards.
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