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Our natures have evolved very much alongside the principles of the enviroment, and of course have always invested an attraction towards each other. We hardly need telling that.
WE are made by the dictates of the enviroment, we and our particles,see clearly,.Firstly we have it drummed into us waht is out there, the sky in terms of time sees the sun dominate and fall below the horizon every day. If our eyes are meant for anything at all, it certainly does not miss the profound information.The Moon likewise every 28 days.
Now all lovers know their sexuality is in the cycle of the moon, particularly conceptual in this 28 day cycle. This is no coincidence.
Seeing one another is not contrary to seeing the enviroments dictates and every day we settle down at sunset , and rise to gather the next days needs.It is natural. We , at a ceretain time of the month have climbed to a level of natural energy and wane again for the next months cycle. We spend on our lover, our love,and it is received,, our natural energy, so nothing is wasted,,continuestodrive nature.Self perpetuating is our nature in terms of energy. Our
natureenergy is our Love.We give in such a way and it comes back again.
This is called Becoming Natures and it is a truth.Adam and Eve type truth,or Rhada Krisna type truth, All religions are nature.It is known as True Love, A Lover.

Therefore natural sex is a thing of nature and Love is not a piornagraphicv thing or a purchaseable commodity to do what you want with, it cannot be possessed ouside its rules, and is not a man and wife situatuation, for daily consumption, as people imagine. This does not work in terms of energy houskeeping.To balance the books , the religions do offer the correct arguement that I have outlined. For a few days of Love over the months cycle total Love and sex fulfilment can be obtained and it cannot be obtained in any other way.
For those who are young enough to have the neccessary sugar levels, this is a RhadaKrisna arguement. But dontget it wrong, all religions are the same. Nature holistic arithmetic.
So in conclusion to the sex arguement, Love,This is the boy and girls technical dream.
Get lout there and into the cosmos and enjoy your real love fulfilment when you have done with motoring away the months Doings.
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