ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Human Science.The Unified Field Theory.

At face value, there is nothing wrong with our tremendous scientific achievement,albeit something wrong with the meansby which it has been arrived at.I see the top of the mountain as being the deciphering of the genetic codes language and the Unified Field Theory Formula.
The Unified Field Formula, as by the standard  model of physics is the summit of achievement.It,s the greatest secular achievement.It delivers universal truth in Time, which has not been done before.It is world changing.Other truths and religions have delivered outside Time, usefull in the otherworld but not in this one.It is a book that no one could write and that has never been written.

A lot of critism goes on about the antichrist nature of the physical world, but a spiritual world cannot exist without it.The acedemic knowledge of the physical world should be available to a student who has the abillity to see for himself in time.A proven expalnation of reality, that one can see for yourself, should replace beliefs that are not reliable, open to misinterpretation and distortion.
However this should be voluntary , and not compulsory as seems to be the NWO arguement.
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