ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,


We either have to be self master or someone or something else must control our nature, whether that be gods, antichrists NWO, government, artificial inteligence.There always has been a power struggle for control of the masses.This is what is going on now.ET (the gods),I have claimed,control nature, but still this is disputed by governments etc.The higher the technolgy being used by goverrnment for this purpose  the more co-operation it will need from the individual.This is why it is not bringing in 5th dimensional technologies, such as free energy, antigravity etc. because it would end up as a  voluntary option.It is doing its best to keep tech down to a physical realm, because this is more possible to enforce.It is bringing in 5G hardware and the 5G grid as fast as possible, so as to maintain emf frequencies rather than 5th dimensional technologies.They dont want rid of the hardware for them , only for us to be software only, so they can keep control of our hardware.5th dimesional  tech is not for them to control.
They  dont want a spiritual reality, because it gives freedom, so does higher dimensional knowledge and tehnology.
By definition of the nature of the truth, which ,as they claim,( rightly so) science is. But only when it suits them and not otherwise !
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