ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Good and Evil.The Knowledge.Reincarnation.

It is the big question.I have never heard anyone mention it.What is the knowledge refered to in the Bibles book of Genesis ?
What does good and what does evil consist of ? It is assumed from the following verses that only Good takes of the tree of life and lives forever.this is not so,It applies to both.
Presumably the knowledge is taught over many lifetimes,by incarnations in Time,nature and marriage.
Death by the nature of the incarnation is the answer as to what the knowledge consists of, repeatedly.The original formula given is the Adam and Eve nature formula.The politics, unashameably transparant,show the human pairbonding genes, deliver death,repeatedly, until the knowledge is arrived at, of Good and Evil.The tree of life falsifies the formula to keep the system going, dishing out a new marriage each and every incarnation.Transcending this nature formula releases from the cycle only by experience, and by writing the  knowledge into the genome.Death cannot exist when this nature is transcended, neither can life, therefore it is not neccessary to falsify another incarnation.The true nature of life and death is not in our dimension.
The conclusion  as to what is meant in the book of Genesis by  Good and Evil is  that they are referring to "life" as a knowledge and also to "death" as  knowledges that the "the gods" are teaching us.It is important to know for all religions and cults,that this spiritual knowledge can only be learned from incarnations experienced within Time.
This is supposed to be our evolution to move into the next dimension.
The falsified incarnations required for evolution are governed by our sex and food forces.This is the engine to take the motor forward in time by  compulsory means.
When we die, between incarnations, we are still ourselves but outside time and senses,we are  still our original Adam and Eve nature formula.It is still active.Inner nature is a real.Only when our original nature is transcended do we cease to reincarnate. Our nature in the lower dimension is still who we are.More knowledge from Time incarnations is required to move on up.
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