ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Time and Space.

Time is not what it seems .It originates from a spacial dimension that has been altered.It is past present and future.The nature of time is not constant.It can be changed so as one minute can become one year and 1000 years can become 10 minutes.It is like a formula of matter, once you know one particle you know all particles.Once you have the formula for time you can do anything you want with it.The same with Space.Past present and future can exist at the same time, all at once.In some respects time doesnt exist, it is an illusion.The entirety of time is contained in one second as it is in a million years.Consider this, in half a second a fleeting glimpse into the  heavens at night, you can catch Eternity.How long is eternity? Half a second by this experiment.Half a second also being milions upon millions of years or eternity.The entirety of time and space exist, in any given moment in time.Here and Now is a point where you are not longer in a prison of space and time.Synchronized and in harmony with the universe moves you into the next dimension.Biology is in harmony with the universe. So are the planets.Biological and cosmic time is in harmony and sync with the universe.Biological life is from the next  dimension.
Yet time can change the nature of spacial reality.Things change in space from one moment to another.It is interchangeable and unseperateable from space.Travelling through space takes time.If you alter the nature of the space between objects, you alter the ammount of time it takes to travel that distance.If you alter the nature of time you vary how much time to travel the same distance.

Because the true nature of time and space is not as we know it, we can alter the laws of our space/time if we know the true science behind space and time.We only know the laws governing  3 dimensions of space.Other dimensions of space are not subject to these laws, but the laws of our 3 dimensional space are governed and superceded  by the laws of other dimensions of space.The same with Time.As said, we can do anything with time and space if we know the formula.As we can  with particles if we have the formula.For instance E=MC squared.Energy of an object equals the mass of the object multiplied by the speed of light squared.Einsteins formula.We can turn matter into a lot of energy and visa versa.Create atoms from pure energy.
Therefore if we can alter the space travelled between the earth and the sun to 93 miles instead of 93 million miles we can do the  journey 1 million times faster.This can be done by warping space surrounding a spaceship by an energy field which creates a wormhole or portal .It can reduce the ammount space travelled  to whatever it wishes ,It can also travel to any coordinate of time it wishes as well.This technology can travel to any time or any place in the universe,Very quickly.

The science of the nature of Time and of Space has been acheived by our governments and therefore they can manufacture technology in 5 dimensions or more.The sky is the limit with our current knowledge.
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