ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Drug Culture Metaphysics

Drug cultures arise in every generation and  if successful open the doors within.It takes the cream inteligence of the generation .Those who are well sighted and fit mentally to take the journey. The most successful of the hippy generation, potential scientists etc were creamed off for the journey.It is very dangerous and many do not successfully open the right doors .It takes the individual outside of time , and captures by nature, as a result of universal nature truths.They do not get back again, They do not know when  to stop taking drugs, they remains addicted.their lifespan is short lived and they lose both worlds.In other words a fast burnout.Lifespan  nowadays can be instead of three score and ten, as little as 12 to 20 years of age.Some youth not in  fastburn out still  fast burn in other ways. This is  more the norm than ever admitted.The James Dean superstars.Information on cults in general  is supressed in all generations.This may be that these are drug inteligencia who  control the information.Another reason is that the dark side of life is has always been  a secret sect, by definition.Hitler was an example of such a cult arising in Germany amongst the many secret societies of the time.they were also heavilly involved in drug use.The beliefs were of a religious nature, and still flourish today.In fact NWO is made of these same beliefs, and controls the world now, as it has done, secretly through history.These secret cults and society have always creamed off the youth inteligencia and maintained control.Drug use has been at the heart of these cult movements,as it is today.This is heavilly censored information, by inteligent design.Religion has been dominant through these cult channels rooted in drugs, not through the five major world religions and churchs.The doctrines of Christ have been their guide and messiah through the incarnations and been responsible for the fast burn out of youth generations for centuries.Each generation has its messiahs and high priests as it always has done.Machine messiahs are the norm in each rising generation.Hitler was a highly venerated Messiah worshiped and adored by all those who came into contact with him.This is quite differant to the propaganda we delivered about him in 1945.He didnt die as claimed after the war.The 4th Reich is still flourishing with a major control of world power, even today.

Most of societies achievements, politics, arts , sciences and culture has been bought into mainstream from drug rooted sources for hundreds of years.The fast burn out generations of religious monks and nuns through the ages.This also accounts for much of the prison populations during this time, who I identify as the same sort of fast burnout seekers of something truthful..It is the same in India, and world wide .China and Russia have tried to ban religions,Henry VIII th made attempts to rewrite the faith and so did the Romans.
It is considered a modern phenomena but this is not so.But just as today they do not shine a light on these suicidal drug religious cults  nor did they in past generations.
People know they are being sold a lie by the worldly secular governement and know also that a scientific arguement exists for the explanation of god.Always those that can see this , the young ,have rebelled and launched into this religious cult alternative movements.It has always been so.
Because this has always been the way of the world and because of the high value it contributes in literature art and religion, it is very likely that many of the ancient scriptures found their way way into the world libraries from drug related origins.Ancient religions may have come into being from drug users, in a high metaphysical realm.Drugs may have been mainstream in many past cultures around the world.It would not effect  the accuacy of their content neccassarilly.This would be a disastrous culture shock for some of our establishment to find out, as they are on a moral high horse directing vengeance on those drug addicts  who fidled their way into heaven on a £10 packet.
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