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Religion is for the blind, not for those who can see.It deals with the otherside.We are not born into this world to go straight away for the way out again.Even the scriptures state that a wise man who can see has no need of the scriptures.Information can be absorbed to fulfill his purpose in the world.Our purpose is not religious as religions would have you believe.Religious people need a new Time incarnation.

Religious cults mostly dont work for a living,Machine Messiahs and drug using metaphysical masters likewise.They are looking for a free ride like it says on the tin  .,,  paradise and utopia.

But the proper situation stated in genesis is to work as did Cain and Abel , farmers and familly work.It also delivers the reason for work,to provide food,tools,shelter etc. to pay the rent,.
Most religion is fake, because people want to live outside of Time.
In prison they say you have to do the time for the crime.The British legal system is a religion, ( or used to be).The problem with this is that they dont get out again until you  can walk on water.In for a penny in for a pound ,as well.
It is the same in other countries.Life also ,is a religion likewise.

A word about reincarnation.Some may think that this is a wonderful thing, Something to look forward to if you should die.But this is not so.It is an unpleasant experience being born into this world of time.It gives you a new chance to move on up.
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