ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Correct Bible Information Is Mind Blowing.

Nowhere in Genesis does it mention the word love, even with Adam and Eve ,only knowledge.Neither does the Bible refer to "God".It  refers to" the gods", to which we are aspiring.This is using correct translation from the King James  source Hebrew material.Dead sea scrolls or Essenes texts ,you are straight away talking about ET civilizations walking on earth with us and interplanetary travel and space ships instead of God.And much more.

Incorrect information regarding marriage has also found its way into Genesis.It doesnt fit comfortably with its surrounding text,also it is not holistically accurate.It has been added.It is also contradictory to an unruly society that exists a little later on at the time of the flood.Also it is contradictory to what is written earlier, in the giving birth in sorrow, enmity between thy heel and his, and her desire being directed towards her husband and his towards god.
This is an example of a small lie that can mis-shape human society for the next 5,000 years.There are other examples of this in the Bible, not least in the New Testament,such as Mary Magdalenes role with Jesus.Sexuality is consistantly falsfied and avoided in the Bible.Eve is already found guilty,bang to rights, for eating of the tree of knowledge, yet the bible spends the rest of its time improving her image and clearing her name to avoid a sexual interpretation of womanhood and manhood.
It is very obviously pandering to the comfort zone of a artificial society, and very much avoiding the posibillity that evil is a knowledge as well as good in the resulting tree of life.
This is reinforced so powerfully in the New Testament, that evil does not exist ,only the good, not even sex is allowed to exist,that it has become ridiculous .It is obviously totally falsified.They have choosen the bits they like and thrown out bits they dont like.This is seen to be the case from the gnostic scriptures and the dead sea scrolls.
It is terrifying to realize the power of the pen.It has resulted this Christian culture of ours developing weapons and armies to destroy and murder people on a worldwide scale, in the name of God, for a thousand years.We are still doing so.
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