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Mans Original Conflict Cain and Abel Case Study.

This is a text book index offence forensic case study.It is the blueprint for all conflict that follows.There is nothing to suggest that Cain was insane or  irrational or dodgy so that he could not associate with others safely,It would suggest he was of a norm.That if such a klilling without reason could occur in a random incident such as this due to an unstable personalities of the time, it would throw up plenty of other such incidents by differant peoples and other examples to highlight odd behaviour.It is seems that this is not the case that there was a reason within nature for this incident.It only gives information that this is an isolated incident,and that Cain is normal.You have to infer the rest.
God said to Cain that he was not working well, and that  sin was at his door, whereas he praised Abel at harvest time for working well.Cain spoke with Abel, then rose up and slew him.This is all it says in genesis.What is meant is that Cain was allowing his thoughts to dwell on his inner nature, his original Adam and Eve nature.In other words sexuality within his nature was surfacing, which God refers to as sin at the door.He is really refering to original sin.Earlier it refers to original sin opening the knowledge door to good and evil.He is inferring that death lies at the door as a result of evil knowledge in this sin.He is therefore enforcing a sex law, only within marriage and his life purpose, tree of life.
In other words the conflict has surfaced on the question  of sex, with Abel and Cain.this  is a predictable conflict as they are sharing the same nature,This includes original Adam and Eve natures.You could say,  for legal tender of the nature love.A triangle.Cain is the first born, dominant.Abel works well to defeat cain for the nature.This triggers Cain,s sin at the door,,his  nature love.He has no defence against this attack within from Abel.He is compelled by nature to kill him or be killed  by sin Abel will trigger.You have to realize that subconciously they are subject to the workings of their original natures, but  at the concious level this is not apparant.
This is the correct meaning of the Cain and Abel story in Genesis.Cain is innocent, by reason of self defence.
The knowledge of evil has been returned back again to deliver death to Abel.The knowledge of evil is not in question, it is authentic.It is simply a matter to deliver defence at a more acceptable level.A more refined self defence is required,to deal with Abel,s inner attack.The solution requires Cain to gain more knowledge from his original nature.The resolution of this conflict of two brothers sharing a common nature is then resolved correctly.Or alternatively for Abel to learn more so as to avoid the conflct.The reasoning is to look within to solve these problems resulting from the tree of knowledge in the garden of eden.The nature has been redirected to a higher level.
Brothers require a higher level of inner knowledge than the first Adam and Eve generation have, is one of the conclusions arrived at.Another conclusion is that males sharing a common nature will need to kill or be killed ,by  or with, inner nature, i.e. a dominant one will surface by nature.Dominant within, not without. Also,that mankind nature has been redirected  to within.Also that Abel is not innocent, Cain is not guilty.It also indicates a sex law is following original sin.otherwise,death can result.Original sin is a loaded into these natures as an accident waiting to happen.It has to be accepted that Abel was an accident waiting to happen, as well as Cain.Therefore survival could only be possible by inner nature.The lesson is very important that mankind observes the redirection of his nature  inwards.Inner man only can survive.The gods have killed outer man.
The final inferance is that the true nature of mans conflict with nature has been redirected to within, to mans original nature, which is as said,is his adam and eve nature, for the knowledge of good and evil, of life and death, within.
Man is dead outside time,he needs time incarnations.
Something that is not stated and not obvious on the surface, is that Cain and Abel are not divorced from their Adam and Eve original nature, they are not alone as two males.They include connection to their female in nature, through their subconcious, but not their concious mind.This was Cains sin to  allow his subconcious  space.In time, this is not done.
What we arrive at is the learning of the concious mind to open the doors within.This can release the nature from its concious prison within time, back to itself.the next dimension.Death is a door and Life also a door.There are many doors.

There is a large ammount of information locked into each verse of the bible.It is the source code of our original nature that is revealed in genesis, which is the key to unlocking the rest of the knowledge .
As I have said before, if the key fits, the door will unlock.
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