ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

The Deep End.

Before you go running to religions or a saviour, or overdose on drink or drugs,look at the facts of life.

Have you been hit by the dark force or hit by the light force ? You have been hit by the tree of knowledge.It is already in you,covered up by artificial information.Original sin.There is no escape, you are in at the deep end and you will not get out of this one even by a saviour.You have lost the safe path of Time and you are in eternal and infinite trouble..
You were well warned in the openning chapter of the bible, but you didnt understand.You are at the mercy of natures forces , no longer in control of your life, you are now blind and dont know where you are going or who you are.You are a liabillty to others,an accident waiting to happen, you are blacklisted, have collected a mental health diagnosis and death is knocking on the door.One of societies inadequates after such a promising education ?You cannot compete you cannot pay the rent.
You are going to have to get out of this one, You are falling down all the way.There is nothing left of what previously a chance to conquor the world, and it can only get worse.All sort  of pipe dreams, fairy stories and hopes may come to mind to save the life, but you have lost the incarnation.Nothing can reverse this.You will probably look towards a religion or a dark force to put the sin to work.To use your nature forces for identity.But it is a death sentance.Life is a death sentance at the first fence whre most people fall.It is an accident waiting to happen
The nature of the situation requires to activate the life if available or the death, if available.These are options are not always available.
The reality has to be recognized.It is too late to call god or a saviour.At best it is a life prison sentance.The information of these forces in nature requires to be processed to so as to recover the mind and the life that has been lost.It is a catch 22.This cannot be done without a new incarnation, and  a new incarnation is not possible until this has been done.
You have to do the time for the crime.It is eternal time, i.e. heavan or hell.You are not going to be able to walk on water this time, you need to be recycled back into time biologocally.By the way nature doesnt dish out death at this stage ,it dishes out reincarnation.You have to serve somebody, you have to work for the forces in life .One day at a time has to be tackled  so as to move into a forward direction again.
It is not easy, but this is life.
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