ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Sanyasi Blinds By the Light

Comparing the Genesis knowledge with the Hindu Bhagavad Gita.
Whereas Cain and Abel are resulting actions in life following the delivery of the source code, Adam and Eve, Radhkrisna,s source code activates the battlefield of life recounted by Sanyasi in their scripture.It is similar.But the only one who is not blinded by the forces at play is Sanyasi,.All the players in this drama are under the spell of the forces in nature.The battle is describing the tree of knowledge, good and evil, rooted in original nature.These warriors need to be recycled back into a time incarnation.This is where Sanyasi is coming from.He has not lost his incarnation, the others have.They are already dead.Their eternal war will go on forever until they attain freedom from the eternal.They will eventualy attain Sanyasi,s level of attainment.This is blinding by the light.Although the book goes on to describe the continuation of this eternal path on lifes battlefield,through yogas etc.The knowledge has to be equivilant to genesis knowledge, in that they are in at the deep end and will not be able to walk on water.They need time incarnations, such as Sanyasi.It is a tribe or race in conflict with original nature forces instead of two farmers.This source code can expand indefinately and logorithmically the natures forces.It is the same powerful arguemant that psychiatric institutions use to nut off the community.Governements have already expanded this formula to take power from the people

My reasoning to launch   https://InformationHighway.net
Was to deliver information from the battlefield,,as it is,,free from distortions.Much in the same way as Sanyasi.
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