ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Nature Is the Important Thing

Enlightenment and religion should be approached by natural means.If you are going to open the doors of the universe to become universal citizen, dont try to smash down the door .The door opens naturally.It is not a scientific computer program.It is a natural door and like I have said, if the key fits the lock the door will open.The laws of nature obviously hold the key.Our nature is biological and cosmic.Our way is through the sun.You cannot enter the cosmic  in other way.
The door is opened by the knowledge of our own nature, in harmony with the cycles of sun earth and moon.We are held prisoners by the limiting  nature of the moon.When we overcome the moons deceptive influence we step out of a small prison. Into the real curency of the  galaxies and the universe ,the stars.Once you connect with one star,(our sun), the nature of all stars unfolds.Then there is no lock on the Infinity and Eternity that is in front of you.A new path unfolds where night is day and day is night.The truth from the suns point of view instead of the moons.Once again the nature of reality depends on the observer.You can see bars or you can see stars.Of course the Infinite still exists by the light of the moon if you are not under the spell of its deceptive influence.Also the limitations of 3D space still exist  by the light of the sun..

The point is this.If you have picked up the new age information about science technolgy and the secret space program, be aware that they are illegally trespassing in cosmic territory.That the correct way to enter the cosmos must be observed.By our Sun.The technology is not needed.Nature provides this from other sources.
Nobody has the copyright or patent on cosmic truth , the laws of nature or the nature of reality, or the universe.Nor the formulas for Time or Space or anything else.
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