ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

Civilization Is A Mistake.

Originally man spent a lot of time struggling against nature to provide a living in a dangerous world.The development of tools and farming and settling down into cities,presumeably, was supposed to free up time and give a chance to build civilization,and make life easy,
But nowadsys we work harder than we ever did in much worse conditions.We are worse off.The advent of the new technology is an example recently of a benefit  we could use to empoweer us, but the reverse of this is now the case.
So by the introduction of the smart grid 10,000 years ago which has now been updated and simplified,we are no better off.Logically speaking we can see from hindsight that we should have rejected this idea.We have been mugged.Nothing is for nothing, we should haverealized it.I is still going on now.With the moores law at play in the silicon world, a more powerfull computer and bigger memory chips just increases the size of the software progams you have to use,and buy.All the new advantages are are creamed off for other purposes.The price goes down, but new tech and gadgets are needed  to put the priices higher.
It does look like inteligent design behind all this,, but another way of looking at is uninteligent work by the subcontractors.We are all subcontractors to the inteligent designer.

It is clear that you are not looking at a Civilization on planet earth, you are looking at a total disaster out of planet of the apes,as has been the case through history.

The reason for this is our ignorance of our own nature.The outline of which is given in Genesis.We are far from knowldge,and should recognize the fact.
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