ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,

False Prophet New Age.

We have definately been sold down the river on the beliefs and politcs surrounding the idea that  the New Age of Aquarius has arrived.It has been assumed because of the advent of  materialism and scientific advancements.The assumption that techonlogy can solve our material needs and save us will lead to spiritual enligtenment and a new age for humanity is wrong.Humanity and civilization and the New Age is a spiritual advancement on the basis of knowledge.It is not the end point of our evolution by a long way,only half way .Also it is a slow transition over generations.It cannot be manufactured by government and it cannot be predicted by new age hippies, (or old age hippies).A blueprint of what to expect based on previous experience is part of the lie,especially when it come to the social engineering of society on the bases of the false prophets.
A load of rubbish.
It has come graduates of psychology and sociology who have been smoking too much cannabis  and listenning to too many Bob Dylan records in the students common room.
Idiots like Tony Blair.
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