ham_metaphysics (ham_metaphysics) wrote,


All religions are about opening doors.Nature and nature knowledge is about opening doors.This is what life is about.The purpose of drug trade and cults is the same .An article explaining the final door, death, is mentioned below.Depending on blockages in your nature and mind, doors can be opened in many ways,natural and sometimes unnatural.Information taken in through our senses has to be processed otherwise doors close.Once information is processed consciously(in time) we are hardwired to that information.Truths and information encountered outside time has to be bought back into time in order to be processed.A catch 22,as mentioned before.
Drug users ,alien encounters and abductions, journeys to other stars are in this catorgory.Even people who have been through the educational system. especially at higher levels, have to process that information to be able to return to normal.
Doors should be openned naturally.
I think scientist are now saying that knowledge gained naturally through experience is incorporated into our genome.
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